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10 DC Cities That Make Great Vacation Spots

10 DC Cities That Make Great Vacation Spots

DC movies, including Shazam: Fury of the Gods, provide viewers with glimpses of the fictional cities within the DC universe. From Gotham City to Fawcett City, each of the major locations has its own unique identity in its architecture, design, and overall sense of place that reflects the heroes that protect it.

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While there are plenty of DC locations that seem to experience major threats regularly, there are still aspects that remain inviting to readers. One can only hope that travel plans coincide when a hero happens to be in the area.



10 Gotham City

GCPD balloon with Batman standing on a ledge watching over Gotham City.

Excluding the main supervillains that plague it, Gotham City is as beautiful as it is dangerous. The mix of multiple eras with gothic architecture, neon lights, and lower tech create a look for Gotham that is unlike any other.

Even the constant rain makes the grime in Gotham City have character. Of course, the biggest problem is the villains and deadly crime lords, which is why Gotham is likely best visited on a weekend trip more than anything.

9 Amnesty Bay

A view of Thomas Curry's lighthouse in Amnesty Bay from Aquaman

Amnesty Bay is the New England coastal town where Thomas Curry raised Aquaman; it has what everyone expects, from the lighthouse to plenty of docks for fishermen and other humble folks to launch from.

For a vacation, Amnesty Bay would be ideal for those looking to get away from the big cities in exchange for a place that’s more down to Earth. As a bonus, Amnesty Bay would be a surefire way to guarantee an encounter with Aquaman and some of the cleanest water in the ocean.

8 Fawcett City

A view of the Fawcett City streets in DC Comics

With it confirmed to be in Pennsylvania, Fawcett City is intended to be the DC equivalent to Philadelphia, thus giving itself a look that screams old-school America in all the best ways. Whether during the Summer or the Winter, Fawcett City is a cozy city fitting for a hero like Shazam.

Even though Shazam has the villains he has to contend with, Fawcett City is rarely under the same kind of threat as Gotham City. It would provide a fun place to stay in order to experience all it has to offer, such as the food, locations, and history.

7 Kandor City

Superman flying above Kandor City on New Krypton

Before Krypton’s destruction, the capital city of Kandor is described as a utopia for Kryptonians with massive skyscrapers, beautiful skies, and a thriving society. Yet, even when Kandor was reduced to the size of a football inside a glass case, the city continues to be the living reminder of what Krypton should have been.

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It is a shame that Krypton was destroyed by its own hubris, because Kandor had the potential to be a melting pot for the galaxy. Even in its miniaturized form, Kandor could be fun to visit and get to know the Kryptonian culture firsthand.

6 Oa

Green Lanterns flying around on Oa's Central Power Battery city in DC Comics

If any vacation spot is guaranteed to be safe, it would be Guardians’ city on Oa, home of the Green Lantern Corps. The city in which all Green Lanterns are trained and housed in a beautiful sanctuary with plenty of green lights to enjoy.

In certain portrayals, Oa is crystalline in nature with high skyscrapers, giving an aesthetic as comforting as it is alien. Even meeting the diverse and powerful corps of Green Lanterns would make a weekend on Oa a vacation of a lifetime.

5 Central City And Keystone City

The bridge between Central City and Keystone City in DC Comics

The interesting thing about Central City and Keystone City is that they are twin cities separated by a bridge, technically making them into one big city. Central City is a modern marvel with all the technological advancements seen in real-life locations like Chicago or New York City.

Across the bridge, on the other hand, is Keystone City which is where Jay Garrick of the Golden Age operated as The Flash. Keystone is a massive time capsule that retains a lot of the old-school nature that gives it a sense of history and class. Both cities have everything needed to enjoy a vacation as sister locations.

4 Atlantis

The introduction to Atlantis in James Wan's Aquaman

Except for the rocky relationship with surface dwellers, Atlantis is a gorgeous society that lives on the ocean floor. Whether it’s the more technological-based version from the comics or the fauna-inspired design from the Aquaman movies, Atlantis is arguably a perfect location.

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Unless someone has thalassophobia, Atlantis presents a serene environment for a vacation with the natural ocean glow combined with massive sea life swimming by on the constant. Unfortunately, Atlantis is a city always in danger, thanks to the likes of Black Manta and other Aquaman villains.

3 Smallville

Superman, Jonathan Kent, Lois Lane, and Martha Kent on the Kent family farm

Superman would not be the boy scout that he is known for being without Smallville. This small town in Kansas is where he was raised by Martha and Jonathan Kent, and it is also where he chose to raise his own son Jon Kent as the new Superman.

Similar to Amnesty Bay, Smallville is the ideal location if someone is looking to get away from a place like Metropolis or Gotham City. The small farmland is known for its down to Earth qualities, allowing for a more humble stay with plenty of fun activities, parties, and kinder folk.

2 Metropolis

Superman hovering over the Metropolis skylines in DC Comics

The biggest problem with Superman’s Metropolis is that aliens and interdimensional threats constantly attack it. Other than that, Metropolis is labeled as the City Of Tomorrow for a reason with an art-deco style that resembles how stories from the 1950s and 1960s would depict the future.

Everything in Metropolis is bright, colorful, and with a metallic finish that completes the futuristic look. Oddly enough, a lot of this is because of the villain Lex Luthor and his obsession with turning Metropolis into a better place which, combined with Superman’s heroism, turns it into a great city worth visiting.

1 Themyscira

Wonder Woman kneels in Themyscira in DC Comics

In its conception, Themyscira is meant to be the perfect home for the Amazons. It’s a Mediterranean island that remains hidden from the world, always in its own sunny climate with the fearless and good-hearted Amazons there to protect it from anyone that would harm it.

Vacationing on Themyscira would be on the same level as going to Sicily, only without any of the cities and crowds. However, Hippolyta and the Amazons would need to approve of such a vacation, considering the exclusivity of the island.

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