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Top 5 Cafe around Sudirman Worth a Visit

Top 5 Cafe around Sudirman Worth a Visit

Hangout is one favorite activity of urban communities including Jakartans. It’s reasonable because there are benefits of hanging out, from socializing to simply entertaining oneself amidst the hectic big city life.  In Jakarta, one notable area pulsating with life, energy, and an unceasing rhythm of activities is Sudirman.

Amidst the towering skyscrapers and the endless rush, there lies an oasis of calm and indulgence, the café culture. During your brief stay in Sudirman, let’s venture into Sudirman’s five cafes for a tranquil respite and delightful culinary experiences.

5 Cafes Around Sudirman to Visit

During your brief stay in Sudirman, consider these popular cafes as a places to visit in Sudirman for relaxed hangout:

  • Bukanagara Coffee & Roastery

Located at Graha CIMB Niaga, Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, Kebayoran Baru District, Bukanagara Coffee & Roastery is one of the most popular cafes in SCBD. Like an oasis around towering office buildings, this café offers warmth and coziness with abundant greenery.

Here, you can enjoy a blend of modern glass house architecture, a mini library, green gardens, and several other beautiful wooden furniture pieces. 

Their meticulously crafted brews, sourced from premium beans, tantalize the taste buds with rich flavors and aromas. Experience an unforgettable sensation through their excellent menu like espresso, green tea latte, latte float, brownies, soes vla, and more.

  • First Crack Coffee

First Crack Coffee, with its minimalist ambiance and commitment to quality, will beckon you to seek tranquility from the city’s chaos. This café is strategically located at Pacific Century Place Tower but also has other branches in Sunder, Pluit, and Jalan Bumi.

The interior is such a feast to the eyes, looking aesthetic to post on your Instagram feed. After getting around Sudirman, visiting this café for a breather is a must. Not only its signature coffees, First Crack Coffee also serves a non-coffee menu like chicken noodles, beef corned sandwiches, chocolate cake, and more.

  • Odysseia

Still in Pacific Place, you will find another Instagrammable café called Odyssesia. The outdoor café cum restaurant seamlessly blends culinary craftsmanship with aesthetic allure. On the menu list, you will get to taste classic Indonesian foods to Western ones such as nasi goreng rendang, tongseng kambing, chicken parmigiana, spicy gyutan ricebowl, and more.

  • Bakerman Ashta 

The blend of café and bakery lies on District 8’s Ground Floor. Not only known for its artisanal bakerhouse concept, Bakerman offers a perfect place to hang out while indulging in culinary delight at the heart of Jakarta. Their signature croffle is a favorite among others, but surely every dish is a masterpiece to deliver a gastronomic experience that lingers long after the last bite.

  • The Coffee Academics

Another café to visit in District 8, The Coffee Academics is for aficionados seeking a refined coffee experience. Its strategic location and cozy interior make the café jam-packed with visitors so no surprise if you might be on the waiting list.

The Coffee Academics not only offers a variety of high-quality coffee options but also accompanying menus such as pizza, sandwiches, and salads, all are equally delicious. The cozy atmosphere is perfect for those who want to work while enjoying coffee or having informal meetings with colleagues.

Somerset Sudirman: A Perfect Company to Explore Sudirman Beyond its Café Delights

While indulging in the café delights, don’t miss out on exploring other places to visit in Sudirman.  From cultural landmarks to shopping havens, the bustling district has something to offer for everyone. However, for ultimate convenience and comfort, consider staying at Somerset Sudirman Jakarta.

Somerset Sudirman Jakarta is strategically located in the hubbub of the city’s main business and shopping center. Nestled on Jalan Karet Pasar Baru Barat V No. 92, the serviced apartment is only a 10-minute drive to the well-known Plaza Senayan and Senayan City, a 15-minute drive to the SCBD area and is easily accessible to Central and South Jakarta.

Somerset Sudirman Jakarta offers 177 units, ranging from standard hotel rooms to Studio or one- to two-bedroom types. It is an ideal serviced residence for well-traveled executives and their families, with the flexibility of connecting rooms to give more spacious room options. All units are complemented with a spacious balcony.

To rejuvenate after a long day exploring Sudirman, you will get to enjoy full access to the apartment’s comprehensive facilities including a fully equipped fitness corner, swimming pool, outdoor playground, residents’ lounge, jacuzzi, sauna, BBQ area, jogging track, and launderette. In short, Somerset Sudirman Jakarta will be your ideal base for adventures in Sudirman and beyond!