April 10, 2024

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KC named one of the best places in America to travel

KC named one of the best places in America to travel


Fireworks explode more than Union Station minutes soon after the Chiefs defeated the Philadelphia Eagles to gain their second Tremendous Bowl in 4 a long time.

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Forbes recently published a list of best places in America to travel and named Kansas City among 20 other destinations.

Each location was chosen by a travel expert or influencer. Kansas City was added to the list by local food and culture photographer Anna Petrow. Petrow grew up in Prairie Village and is a contributor for the New York Times and Travel and Leisure Magazine.

Petrow told The Star that she no longer wants people to think of Kansas City as fly-over country because there are a lot of great places to eat, see and experience here in the city of fountains. As a professional food photographer, she said of all the city’s offerings, the food is really what makes Kansas City special to her.

“I’m obviously very into food,” Petrow said. “So that’s one of the reasons I think it’s a great city.”

For Forbes’ list of top destinations, Petrow highlighted Kansas City’s food scene and its overall communal spirit. On the culinary side, Petrow said that Kansas City’s history with farm-to-table is what sets the city apart and local restaurateurs’ creative approaches to “everything from cocktails to chocolate.”

“I think being in the Heartland, a lot of our restaurants are really connected to where their food is coming from,” Petrow told The Star. “Coastal cities might be the more traditional destinations for people who are looking to travel for food (but) I think folks in Kansas City have a really unique perspective on how they cook.”

Along with great eats, Petrow also shared some of her favorite cultural sports throughout Kansas City, noting that community is often a priority for the people and businesses alike.

“You see this all the time,” Petrow told Forbes. “From restaurants supporting each other’s new ventures, to coffee shops leading the charge for community initiatives.”

Petrow shouted out Kansas City favorites like Cafe Cà Phê, First Fridays in the Crossroads, the American Jazz Museum and Vine Street Brewing.

Petrow also told The Star that this communal spirit is seen in many of the city’s grassroot movements, including KCTenants, which is a citywide tenant union that helps renters organize and advocate for better housing.

“I think it just speaks to the bigger theme that there’s a lot more going on in our city than people who aren’t from the Midwest might assume,” Petrow said. “People here are really intelligent, capable, creative and smart and ready to bring a greater good forward for the community.”

For those coming to town for the 2023 NFL Draft in April, Petrow said people should also check out the restaurants and shops on Southwest Boulevard on the Westside, specifically Rico’s Tacos Lupe or Café Corazón, near the Crossroads. For those who want a healthy breakfast before heading to the festivities, she suggested going to Ruby Jean’s Juicery on 30th Street and Troost Avenue.

In general, Petrow suggests everyone visiting the city this month make an effort a few restaurants “off the beaten path” considering that some of the popular spots near downtown will likely be very crowded.

Some of the other destinations on the Forbes’ list include Traverse City, Michigan, Portland, Maine, Savannah, Georgia and St. Pete, Florida. To see the full list of the best places to travel in the U.S. this year, visit here.

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