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Indonesia Travel Advice & Safety

Indonesia Travel Advice & Safety

COVID-19 remains a chance in Indonesia.

Significant care for Australians who turn into very seriously unwell, together with in Bali, is substantially under the regular obtainable in Australia. Professional medical evacuation may well not be feasible.

The Australian Authorities are not able to guarantee your obtain to hospitals and other wellness companies in Indonesia.

If you display any COVID-19 indicators or a temperature earlier mentioned 37.5°C on arrival in Indonesia, you have to get a COVID-19 (PCR) check on arrival. If your consequence is good and you have average or serious indications, you may possibly be taken to a central isolation facility or healthcare facility for treatment method at your individual expense.

  • Indonesian authorities recommend that COVID-19 sufferers will be demanded to be in the beginning dealt with in Indonesia.
  • Clinical evacuation to Australia for health care problems including COVID-19 is attainable but is pretty costly and may perhaps not be lined by journey insurance coverage. Check your plan.

For details on Indonesia’s COVID−19 vaccination plan, refer to the Indonesian Ministry of Health and fitness (English and Bahasa Indonesia), or the COVID-19 Enquiries Hotline on 119. You ought to talk to your area wellbeing skilled for advice on vaccine selections, including vaccine eligibility and availability. Vaccines may perhaps be matter to community source constraints. The Australian Governing administration can not offer assistance on the protection, excellent and efficacy of vaccines that have been permitted for use outside of Australia’s regulatory course of action.

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Ban on sale of liquid/syrup medication

The Indonesian Ministry of Wellness (MoH) has advised area wellbeing employees and pharmacists to prevent marketing liquid/syrup treatment, including normally employed medications that contains paracetamol and cough syrups. MoH and the Indonesian Paediatrician Association (IDAI) been given experiences of a sharp maximize in circumstances of Atypical Progressive Acute Kidney Injuries (AKI) in young children, specifically underneath the age of 5 several years.


Monkeypox has been detected in Indonesia.

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Legionnaires’ condition

Instances of Legionnaires’ sickness have been documented in people today who have travelled to the Kuta location of Bali. Travellers who are unwell with flu-like signs inside of 10 days of returning from Bali are advised to talk to their GPs.

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Circumstances of poliovirus (kind 1) have been described in the Papua provinces, and poliovirus (variety 2) in Aceh and Jawa Barat (West Java) provinces. There may perhaps be unreported cases in other provinces in Indonesia.

Make sure that you are vaccinated against polio.

Extra facts:

Consume poisoning

Men and women have been poisoned by alcoholic beverages contaminated with harmful substances, together with methanol and arak (a regular rice-centered spirit). Locals and foreigners, such as Australians, have died or become severely sick from poisoned drinks.

Cases of drink poisoning have been claimed in Bali and Lombok.

Contaminated drinks have integrated:

  • regional spirits
  • spirit-primarily based drinks, this sort of as cocktails
  • brand name identify liquor

To secure oneself from consume poisoning:

  • take into account the challenges when consuming alcoholic drinks
  • be thorough consuming cocktails and beverages created with spirits
  • drink only at respected certified premises
  • steer clear of property-built alcoholic drinks

Labels on bottles usually are not generally precise.

Signs of methanol poisoning can be similar to drinking far too substantially. Nevertheless, they are ordinarily more robust.

Symptoms of methanol poisoning incorporate:

  • tiredness
  • complications
  • nausea
  • eyesight problems

Vision complications could include:

  • blindness, blurred or snowfield vision
  • alterations in color notion
  • trouble looking at shiny lights
  • dilated pupils
  • flashes of light
  • tunnel vision

If you suspect that you or somebody you’re travelling with may possibly have been poisoned, act promptly. Urgent clinical notice could help save your lifestyle, or conserve you from permanent incapacity.

Report suspected conditions of methanol poisoning to the Indonesian law enforcement.


Rabies is a threat all over Indonesia, primarily in:

  • Bali
  • nearby islands
  • Nias, off the west coastline of Sumatra

You happen to be at threat of contracting rabies if you go to a market place wherever live animals and clean foods are bought due to the fact:

  • live rabies-positive canine may well be present
  • rabies-constructive pet meat could be bought as foods

Offering canine meat for human use is a breach of authorities disorder manage rules.

To safeguard on your own from rabies:

  • steer clear of immediate get hold of with pet dogs
  • never feed or pat animals
  • stay away from make contact with with other animals, such as bats and monkeys.

Talk to your medical professional about finding a pre-publicity rabies vaccination if you happen to be organizing to:

  • stay in Indonesia for a extended time
  • function with animals.

Stay away from speak to with monkeys, even in locations where by you are inspired to interact with them. This consists of:

  • popular marketplaces
  • vacationer destinations
  • sanctuaries
  • forests.

If bitten or scratched by an animal:

  • quickly use cleaning soap and drinking water to clean the wound extensively
  • seek urgent health-related interest.

Rabies therapy in Indonesia may possibly be limited. If you might be bitten you might will need to return to Australia, or vacation to yet another state, for immediate cure.


Periodic outbreaks of measles continue on to be reported in Indonesia, together with Bali.

You require 2 doses of vaccine 4 weeks apart to be fully vaccinated towards measles.

If you have signs and symptoms of measles, look for health-related focus.

Measles is hugely infectious. Phone right before attending a healthcare facility.

Magic mushrooms

Do not take in magic mushrooms. They are unlawful.

Australians have develop into sick or wounded following getting magic mushrooms.

Australians have been in hassle with nearby police just after getting magic mushrooms, significantly in Bali.

Magic mushrooms can lead to main wellness issues, including:

  • nervousness
  • erratic conduct
  • psychosis
  • serious hallucinations

Insect-borne ailments

Insect-borne sicknesses are popular all over the calendar year.

To shield you from sickness:

  • investigation your desired destination
  • inquire locals for suggestions
  • make positive your accommodation is mosquito proof
  • use insect repellent
  • wear prolonged, unfastened, mild-coloured garments


Dengue occurs in the course of Indonesia, such as Bali, Jakarta and other key metropolitan areas.

Dengue is widespread throughout the rainy year.

Australian health authorities have claimed an increase in dengue bacterial infections in persons returning from Bali in the latest several years.

You will find no vaccination or cure available for dengue if you have in no way experienced it ahead of. If you have had dengue just before, you might be ready to obtain a vaccine, nevertheless accessibility to the vaccine in Indonesia may well not be confirmed.

Zika virus

Zika virus can come about in Indonesia.

Safeguard on your own from mosquito bites.

The Australian Section of Health and Aged Care advises pregnant females to:

  • talk about any journey strategies with their medical professional
  • consider deferring non-vital travel to affected places


Malaria, including chloroquine-resistant strains, is common in rural locations. It is not widespread in Jakarta.

Take into consideration getting medicine to avert malaria.

Japanese encephalitis and filariasis

Japanese encephalitis and filariasis occur in Indonesia, particularly in rural agricultural spots.

Japanese encephalitis has been current in Australian travellers returning from Indonesia, like Bali.

Much more data:


HIV/AIDS is a danger for travellers. Acquire techniques to minimize your chance of exposure to the virus.

Other overall health challenges

Waterborne, foodborne, parasitic and other infectious illnesses are common. These contain:

Critical outbreaks occasionally occur.

To secure your self from sickness:

  • boil ingesting drinking water or consume bottled h2o
  • steer clear of ice cubes
  • steer clear of raw food items, these as salads

To minimise the possibility of foods poisoning, only try to eat meat from respected suppliers.

Look for urgent healthcare focus if you suspect foodstuff poisoning or have a fever or diarrhoea.

Seafood contaminants

You can become unwell from obviously transpiring seafood contaminants, such as:


Keep away from short term black henna tattoos. The dye normally leads to critical skin reactions.

Just before you get any tattoo, check the hygiene and security of your tattoo supplier.