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Peru Travel Advice & Safety

Peru Travel Advice & Safety

Violent crime

Violent crime is typical in Peru, specifically in the cities of:

Violent crimes incorporate:

You could come upon: 

  • armed robbery and assault on Amazon River boats
  • theft as you rest on intercity bus routes among Lima, Ica, Nazca and Cusco
  • assault and robbery at gunpoint on intercity buses
  • bogus roadblocks or checkpoints on roads outside the house important cities right after darkish

If you might be sexually assaulted, report it to the police right away. You’ll be examined at a clinic as part of the investigation. Regional authorities could analyze you closely if you hold off reporting the incident.

Street-centered crime

Travellers using unlicensed taxis have been victims of theft, assault and rape.

Criminals also concentrate on people today going for walks alone soon after dark, in particular leaving bars or nightclubs.

To secure oneself from street-dependent crime:

  • hold car doorways locked and windows up, even when shifting
  • stay clear of going out by yourself, in particular at night time
  • do not area possessions on overhead racks or beneath bus seats
  • watch the regional media for likely hotspots
  • don’t go away your luggage unattended

Petty criminal offense

Petty criminal offense, these as pickpocketing and bag snatching, is common. Robbers are often effectively dressed.

Thieves commonly target cell phones. Be aware of your surroundings prior to using your cellular mobile phone in public areas and be discreet though applying it. Stay clear of employing your cellphone control-side on the avenue, as you might be qualified by snatch-and-grab robbers on motorcycles.

Hotspots for thieves include:

  • public spots
  • accommodations
  • conference centres
  • world wide web cafes
  • dining places

Smash-and-grab assaults are frequent. Robbers snatch objects from cars and trucks stopped at site visitors lights. This is typical on Avenida de la Marina and Avenida Elmer Faucett around Lima’s Jorge Chavez International Airport.

If you approach to go on a cruise, test the company has adequate protection ahead of scheduling.

Individual security

Travellers in Peru can be victims of:

  • food or drink spiking, adopted by robbery or assault
  • ‘express kidnappings’, exactly where kidnappers force victims to withdraw income from ATMs right before releasing them

To secure on your own from crime:

  • do not acknowledge drinks, foods, gum or cigarettes from strangers or people today you have just fulfilled
  • don’t depart foodstuff or consume unattended
  • exchange funds in banking companies, exchange bureaus or in your hotel
  • use ATMs in financial institutions, browsing centres or inns in which probable

Border regions

Vacation to the location in 20km of the border with Colombia is hazardous.

Armed guerrilla forces from Colombia from time to time enter Peru’s remote parts

Drug traffickers operate in:

  • the border area involving Peru and Colombia
  • the valley of the Apurímac, Ene and Mantaro rivers (VRAEM location)

Consider further safety measures in these areas. 

Ayahuasca tourism

Ayahuasca tourism is a increasing business in the jungle regions of Ecuador and Peru. Shamans carry out psychedelic rituals of non secular cleansing.

Ayahuasca is not unlawful, but some participants have been assaulted and robbed.

Ceremonies frequently just take location in distant places with no obtain to health care or mental overall health methods and minimal communication with regional authorities.

Most amenities lack essential very first support or crisis plans for men and women who suffer actual physical or mental consequences following ceremonies. Members report signs and symptoms from currently being a lot more notify but out of handle by means of to amnesia.

If you decide to just take component in ayahuasca tourism:

  • investigate probable ayahuasca tour operators before signing up
  • stay away from taking part in ayahuasca rituals without a reliable good friend present

Cyber security 

You may be at threat of cyber-primarily based threats in the course of abroad journey to any place. Digital id theft is a developing issue. Your products and personalized information can be compromised, especially if you’re connecting to Wi-Fi, employing or connecting to shared or general public pcs, or to Bluetooth.

Social media can also be risky in places the place there are social or political tensions, or legislation that may possibly appear unreasonable by Australian criteria. Travellers have been arrested for things they have said on social media. Never remark on community or political situations on your social media.

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