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14 Totally Tubular ’80s Cruises To Book In 2023

14 Totally Tubular ’80s Cruises To Book In 2023

Those who love to live it up on the high seas and have a nostalgic connection to everything borne of the 1980s will no doubt want to book one of these amazingly awesome themed cruises making a splash in 2023. Running the gamut from hair band nostalgia to R&B grooves and perennially pop culture cornerstones like Star Trek, Golden Girls, and Soul Train, these epic cruises offer vacationers a chance to channel the best of the ’80s; whether it’s with day-glo Lycra or big hair blowouts; dancing in hammer pants or getting loose in leg warmers, these rockin’ parties on the high seas have it all for cruise lovers that are also super fans of the most (totally) tubular decade.

From the ultimate 80s rock cruise to classic TV show themes from that unbeatable era (and more), here are a handful of the best cruises in the world for people who want to sail the seas while reminiscing about the good ol’ days.

Travelers who absolutely love everything the raddest decade has to offer will undoubtedly want to set sail with this rockin’ all-inclusive cruise that’s been a perennial favorite for the last six years. Including seven days/nights of epic concerts from 80s icons like Soft Cell, Air Supply, and Debbie Gibson, this totally tubular jaunt also ups the vibes with appearances from fan faves (and original MTV VJs!) like Mark Goodman, rad rockin’ parties, events, and celebrity meet-ups—making it one of the top themed cruises of the 2020s.

As the iconic 80s band AC/DC once famously said: “for those about to rock…we salute you”—and the Monsters of Rock Cruise is the perfect way to do it, with a blockbuster cruise consisting of five days and nights of rockin’ and rollin’ on the high seas.

Departing from Cape Canaveral, this exclusive event includes performances tailor-made for cruise fans and their inner guitar hero, awesome activities, and tons of fun—in addition to throwback faves like Winger, Queensryche, and Great White.

Four days, two ports, and endless chances for reliving one of the coolest decades ever? All of this (and more!) are on tap with Princess’ 80s Themed West Coast Getaway that departs LA with stops in sunny San Diego and super fun Ensenada, Mexico.

In a trip down memory lane on Princess’ iconic cruise ship aka the Love Boat, guests will experience the world-class experience the popular cruise line is known for—including 80s-themed fun and iconic stops at famed west coast landmarks at every stop.

Disco may have died in the 70s: however, many of the era’s most iconic stars continued their reign into the awesome 80s; and this epic disco cruise is just one example of how multi-decade crossover results in some of the best entertainment around.

Departing Miami for a party on the high seas, this star-studded event is positively packed with some of the biggest crossover stars—think Billy Ocean, Kool & the Gang; KC and the Sunshine Band; C&C Music Factory, and more—for the ultimate cruise and groove adventure.

Unfortunately, there are no plans for the Ultimate Disco Cruise to set sail again in 2023, and they’ve announced a 2024 hiatus. But be sure to keep updated on their website for their return in 2025 with this amazing 80s cruise and their itinerary.

Pacific Adventure ship leaving Sydney Harbor

Pacific Adventure leaving Sydney Harbor, Australia

Love the land down under and the 1980s? Then Oz Cruising is the place to book an epic 80s adventure in 2023.

With a total of two, three-night cruise options (one departing Sydney and one departing Brisbane), vacationers can have their choice of disco-balled departures and hop onboard for a blast from the past—all accompanied by lavish amenities, luxe surroundings, and a totally tubular trip back in time on this surprisingly affordable cruise (which could even count itself among the most budget-friendly cruises in the world).

  • When: August 19, 2023, and September 9, 2023
  • Where: Departures from Sydney and Brisbane
  • Amenities On Board: Restaurants, Water Slides, Adult-Only area, Wine Cellar, Several bars, Outdoor cinema

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9 On The Blue Cruise – New Horizons 2024

Norwegian Pearl cruise ship docked at St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

Norwegian Pearl docked at St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

Often lauded for amazing Bahamas cruises, this year, Norwegian Cruise Lines is pulling out all the stops with their famed Mexico-adventure/rock ’n’ roll paradise on the high seas.

A self-proclaimed voyage that “rivals any other Classic Rock Festival, land or sea”, this epic adventure showcases amazing performances from the likes of Alan Parsons, Starship, and The Zombies—in addition to accommodations on the newly refurbished Norwegian Pearl, complete with jammin’ Concert Stage where guests can party like its 1989.

  • When: April 5 – 10, 2024
  • Where: Departs from Miami, stops in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, and Nassau, Bahamas
  • Amenities On Board: Restaurants, Several bars, Professional photo studio, Sports court, Internet café, Video arcade

8 Star Trek: The Cruise VII

Q&A with Karl Urban in the Star Trek Cruise II aboard the Mariner of the Seas

Q&A with Karl Urban in the Star Trek Cruise II aboard the Mariner of the Seas

80s cruises are not just for those who want to bust a move or break out the big hair and/or legwarmers—some of the best cruises are all about the decade’s best entertainment, too.

And in 2024, Royal Caribbean invites cruise-goers to live long and prosper with one of the most iconic pop culture phenomenons of the decade on Star Trek The Cruise VII—seven days and nights of stellar events, performances, and parties, including an all-star lineup that’s tailor-made for the ultimate Trekkie voyage on the Pacific.

  • When: February 22 – 29, 2024
  • Where: Departs from Port Canaveral with stops in Aruba and Curaçao
  • Amenities On Board: Restaurants, Several bars, Solarium, Spa, Video Arcade, On Board Johnny Rockets, Escape Room, Running track

7 The Beach Boys Good Vibrations Cruise

Crowd in the Beach Boys live concert at Mallorca, Spain

Beach Boys live concert at Mallorca, Spain

Few bands encapsulate the cool(er) side of the 1980s than the Beach Boys—but instead of heading to the famous Kokomo, this five-night, budget-friendly vacay takes a tubular trip from the US East Coast to paradisiacal locations in the Caribbean. And, if an appearance from the Beach Boys wasn’t enough, the onboard vibe gets even cooler with the likes of The Temptations, The Righteous Brothers, and more—totally rad!

There are no immediate plans for the Beach Boys to set sail again, but with the roaring success of the early 2023 cruise, there’s bound to be another itinerary real soon, hopefully aboard the Norwegian Pearl again, so keep on the lookout for the cruise’s website.

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6 Soul Train Cruise (2024)

Nieuw Amsterdam ship setting sail with cargo containers in the background

Nieuw Amsterdam ship setting sail

Everyone who’s anyone knows that the chill vibes, iconic fashion, and epic dance moves of Soul Train didn’t just make their mark in the 70s—but continued well into the 80s (and beyond!), too.

And now, cruise fans can have the classic R&B vacay of their dreams onboard the famously large and luxe New Amsterdam, complete with performances from Boyz II Men, The Temptations, and of course, the Original Soul Train Dancers. Indeed, this vessel is massive, perhaps even worthy of a place among the biggest cruise ships in the world.

  • When: January 27-February 3, 2024
  • Where: Departs from Ft. Lauderdale with stops in Tortola and St. Maarten
  • Amenities On Board: Restaurants, Several bars, Fitness center, Spa, Virtual exhibitions, Casino

5 Golden Girls Themed Cruise From Golden Fans At Sea

Celebrity Cruises ship
Via: Robert Linder/Unsplash

A Celebrity Cruises ship is seen between swaying palm trees.

If you threw a party and invited everyone you knew, you might end up filling an entire cruise ship, like this Golden Girls-themed cruise aims to do in fall, 2024.

In a change from the usual Florida scenario, the 2024 edition of the cruise goes for the European experience, leaving from Spain and ending in Italy after an 8-day voyage. Entertainment includes the fab Golden Gays NYC Drag Queens, a caftan welcome dance party, a character costume party, trivia, and celebrity panels celebrating the iconic 80s hit.

  • When: September 14 – 23, 2024
  • Where: Departs from Barcelona, Spain with stops in France, Sardinia, and Italy to stop at Rome
  • Amenities On Board: Restaurants, Several bars, Casino, Art gallery, Movie theater, Solarium, Spa

The 2024 rendition of the Golden Girls Cruise will set sail aboard the Celebrity Ascent Ship.

4 Flower Power Cruise

People sunbathing on the Celebrity Summit ship

Love, good music, and even better vibes, the Flower Power Cruise brings the Love Generation back for an unforgettable 7-day cruise along the Caribbean Sea.

With stellar performances of 70s and 80s renowned artists and groups like The Grass Roots, The Rascals, and Randy Bachman, as well as being hosted by legendary Peter Asher. So make love, not war and enjoy the sun in this groovy trip that’s sure to get passengers of all ages back to when Jimmy Carter was president and bell-bottom pants were in.

  • When: March 21 – 28, 2024
  • Where: Departs from Miami, Florida with stops along San Juan, Puerto Rico and St Croix, Virgin Islands
  • Amenities On Board: Restaurants, Several bars, Wine Cellar, Solarium, Spa, Sports court, Art gallery, Casino

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3 Chris Jericho’s Rock ‘N’ Wrestling Rager At Sea

People on the deck of the Nerwegian Pearl

People on the deck of the Nerwegian Pearl

Wrestlemania might already be over, but Chris Jericho takes wrestling to a new level in his Rock ‘N’ Wrestling Rager at Sea cruise. Bringing with him the talent of days past, as well as new blood from AEW’s current roster, the ship’s deck becomes a stage for exciting matches to take place along the 4-day trip, with a full-day stop at Cozumel to wind down after the excitement of the show.

Besides fighters, Chris also brings artists and entertainers to perform during each fight, so get ready to headbang, laugh, and awe at this excitement-packed trip.

  • When: January 26 – 30, 2024
  • Where: Departs from Miami, Florida with a stop at Cozumel, Mexico
  • Amenities On Board: Restaurants, Several bars, Professional photo studio, Sports court, Internet café, Video arcade

2 KISS Kruise

Gene Simmons, Tommy Thayer, and Paul Stanley from KISS in stage

KISS, live on stage

Put on some face paint and get the spiked jackets out of the closet, KISS hops back on stage in an unforgettable trip to rock and roll all nite, and party every day. The KISS Kruise has been able to blow away people’s minds in each one of its iterations. The 2022 edition counted with performances from the original KISS lineup, as well as appearances from legendary bands like Black Label Society, All Hands On Deck, and Riot.

Even though there won’t be a 2023 version of the cruise, the group will update their itinerary for setting sail again in 2024 and bringing fans one of the best 80s rock cruises ever.

1 NKOTB Cruise 2023

New Kids On The Block in concert at Montreal, Canada

New Kids On The Block in concert at Montreal, Canada

Quite possibly every teenage girl’s heartthrobs in the 80s, the New Kids On The Block set sail for The Bahamas in a cruise experience that brings their best hits back to the stage with nonstop concerts each day, as well as a chance to get to know the guys better, game nights hosted by the five, and a massive party at Half Moon Cay for the biggest Block Party ever.

  • When: October 12 – 16, 2023
  • Where: Departs from Miami, Florida with a stop at Half Moon Cay, The Bahamas
  • Amenities On Board: Restaurants, Several bars, Water Slides, Mini golf, Adult-only area, Art gallery, Video Arcade, Casino