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A Comic Book Travel Guide

A Comic Book Travel Guide

We’re effectively into summer season now, and you know what that means: holiday vacation time! Have you designed any strategies yet? A journey to the seaside, perhaps, or a 7 days in some historic town? That could be nice, but would not it be even cooler if you could truly just take some time away — say, in a country or a metropolis that doesn’t actually exist, or even a single that is found in one more dimension? If you are a civilian in the DC or Marvel universe, that might just be possible!

Maybe you wouldn’t want to live in the many fantastical places you discover in comics, but these destinations present infinite prospects for enrichment and enjoyment. You may possibly be common with a ton of the areas described in this article, but you’ve probably never ever deemed them from a tourist’s perspective.

Which is what I’d like to do currently: run down the sights each and every region offers so you can dream of your great, unattainable holiday vacation. Superheroes might just be the minimum interesting detail you will see in these intriguing, considerably-flung locales! Just be certain to observe the pros and disadvantages of every single put before scheduling your journey — I will not be held dependable if you get eaten by a troll in someplace like…


From Thor #50. Golden Asgard, guarded by a large gate and Heimdall the All-Seeing

Positioned in another dimension on the other finish of the famed rainbow bridge Bifrost (except when it is in Oklahoma), Asgard is the famous dwelling of the Norse gods. In this article you will discover breathtaking palaces, magic in all places, and hoards of adult men (and an occasional girl) wielding monumental swords. If you stray outside of Asgard’s limits, you’ll find numerous unique lands to accommodate each individual palate, from the luxury-minded traveler to the camper who likes roughing it in the fantastic outdoor (and does not thoughts a several hearth demons).

Execs: You may well get to fulfill a Norse god!

Downsides: You might get to meet up with a Norse god…


For the extra adventurous vacationer, take into consideration dimension-hopping about to Skartaris. Dodge pirates at the Bay of Tears, battle hobgoblins for drinking water at the Citadel of Timgad, and go shopping for materials at the market place in Kiro. There is no conclude of strategies to get your steps in in Skartaris!

Pros: It is fundamentally a true-everyday living edition of one particular of these tabletop position-enjoying online games.

Disadvantages: Time doesn’t perform there the way it does listed here, so your two-7 days trip may switch into a decade-lengthy sojourn. Basically, specified the condition of our dimension, that might transform out to be a professional.


As the most technologically highly developed country on the earth, Wakanda has plenty to offer to site visitors — when they are in the mood to enable guests, that is! If you’re lucky enough to get in, you’ll be amid the privileged several to love their beyond-point out-of-the-artwork technological marvels, excellent weather, and maybe even the sight of a handful of fight rhinos. Just never operate afoul of the Dora Milaje, the royal bodyguards, and you’re confident to have a great time.

Professionals: It’s Wakanda!!

Disadvantages: Namor the moment flooded the entire area, so maybe carry your floaties.


This pretty locale was when referred to as Paradise Island for a quite good rationale. Unspoiled forest and seashores dominate the island, creating it best for your outdoorsy styles. It is also good if you in no way bought above your childhood fascination with historic Greece: with the exception of a couple of fantastical bits of know-how, the Amazon way of lifestyle has remained practically unchanged for generations.

Execs: A trans-inclusive, woman-only harmless house to invest a weekend.

Downsides: The bottomless cave crammed with existential horrors and the shark-infested ocean are a little bit of a downer.


Traveling to Latveria is like touring again in time. An idyllic however ambiguously situated Jap European nation, Latveria is recognised for equally its natural splendor and for the impressive churches, castle, and standard structures of Doomstadt, its funds. It is populated by definitely genuinely satisfied individuals who are dominated more than a chief by who will halt at pretty much absolutely nothing to make sure his country’s security and prosperity.

Execs: This is the very best put on Earth to unplug, ignore about contemporary woes, and just chill…

Cons: …because Medical professional Doom orders you to.

Gotham City

From Wikipedia. An image of Batman looking out over Gotham by night. A blimp flies in the background.

I know, but listed here me out: is there any other city in comicdom as distinctive as Gotham? They’ve most likely got a lot more gargoyles for each capita than anyplace else on Earth. Even if you’re not into architecture, Gotham Metropolis is dwelling to a plethora of museums, parks, and even blimps. Exactly where else are you heading to be equipped to locate a blimp? Truly there is a little something for every person!

Professionals: A great option for those who are not all set for extra unique areas and want to adhere with something common.

Cons: Do not wear any Insane Clown Posse T-shirts. Do not pay a visit to in winter. Do not deliver your cat. Do not touch any plants. Do not continue to be any where with the number two in the deal with. Do not — come to believe of it, it’s possible we should see what’s undertaking in Metropolis.

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