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Best cruise deals to Hawaii from California in 2023

Best cruise deals to Hawaii from California in 2023

A Hawaiian vacation typically involves a lot of planning, from flights and hotel reservations to finding the best restaurants and getting tickets to top tourist destinations like Pearl Harbor. But one way to see more of Hawaii than you might on a typical vacation is by taking a cruise. 

Many of the top cruise lines, including Princess, Disney and Royal Caribbean, all have a sailing that leaves one of the major California ports and makes its way to the tropical island paradise for a week or more. 

Best Hawaii cruise deals

“The natural beauty of Hawaii is the big draw,” says Tanner Callais, editor of the cruise guide website Cruzely.com. “From beaches to volcanoes to rainforests, there’s so much to see in Hawaii in a relatively small area. But with a cruise, you get a chance to explore more spots than you would on a typical trip without the hassle or expense of flying from island to island.”

Is cruising to Hawaii more expensive than a regular vacation? 

Cruising around the Hawaiian islands can be a large money saver compared to booking everything separately with a more traditional vacation, when hotel rooms alone can be hundreds of dollars a night just to walk in the door and have a place to sleep. 

“The cost can be significantly less than flying in and staying at a resort. Depending on when and where you fly, it can be upwards of $700 per person in airfare alone, though you can find deals. On top of that, you need to pay for a hotel, food and entertainment,” says Callais. 

Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii

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He mentions that cruises to Hawaii start at around $1,500 per person for a two-week trip. One of the major perks of cruising, according to Callais, is that with a set fee, you have your room, meals and entertainment all taken care of on the cruise ship.

What cruise lines sail from California to Hawaii?

“If you have a favorite cruise line, chances are they offer a trip [to Hawaii],” Callais explains. 

Some cruise lines like Disney and Royal Caribbean, he adds, offer seasonal cruises or make stops in Hawaii during repositioning sailings; lines like Norwegian Cruise Line and Princess Cruise Line offer year-round sailings from California. 

Royal Caribbean's "Wonder of the Seas" cruise ship

Royal Caribbean’s “Wonder of the Seas” cruise ship

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Sailings from California to Hawaii are often a week or more because of the distance between the two states, meaning that travelers will have several sea days each way. Callais says the sea days are a great time to unwind before getting to Hawaii.