May 25, 2024

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Considered a Sailing Honeymoon?

Considered a Sailing Honeymoon?

A sailing holiday for a couple might be the most romantic way of spending time together for the newlyweds. It is the ultimate romantic getaway for a honeymoon. Everyone wants their honeymoon to be special for the newlyweds, and what could possibly beat a sailing trip in the Caribbean?! There are plenty of options for the honeymooners to plan their trip to spend quality time and know each other better. But a yacht charter or sailing holiday is the most unique, yet fun and relaxing idea for the couple to enjoy the togetherness.

When you decide for a sailing vacation honeymoon for you and your better-half, always opt for the crewed yacht charter because you will get luxury, comfort, lavishness, and privacy together. The crew is always at your service and will always make your honeymoon perfect.

Let us see some reasons for choosing a crewed yacht charter vacation for your honeymoon.

Meals Prepared by Top Onboard Chefs

On your honeymoon sailing vacation, all your meals are prepared by top chefs abroad according to your choices and preferences. Though food is not the most important factor, still you may want to have some sumptuous meals at the yacht deck with your wife by your side. Many yacht charter guests mention that having such meals alone is a worthy experience for them as a couple. If you prefer, the chef will also be able to arrange a candle-light dinner for both of you at the deck to make your sailing holiday more precious.

The Experience is One-of-its-Kind 

Sailing holidays allow you to travel to unique and remote islands, ports, coral reefs, and landscapes. You have the opportunity to design your itinerary based on the things that you as a couple want to see and the activities that you both want to enjoy. Every yacht charter is different and so you have the freedom to design your sailing route, places to visit, and duration according to your choices.

Privacy can be Maintained Easily

As a honeymoon couple, you would want some privacy to enjoy each other’s company. Sailing holidays are best in this regard. Yacht charters allow you to maintain privacy on board and spend time by yourself. You can travel to different places during the day and retire your sailboat in a place away from the noise in the afternoon to enjoy the sea breeze at the deck. This is the biggest advantage of choosing a crewed luxury yacht charter for your honeymoon. They know exactly when you want privacy and let you enjoy quality time with each other.

Lavishness and Comfort

Sailing holidays or yacht charters offer the ultimate supreme lavishness and comfort for you and your wife. The lagoons, cabins, and master staterooms are spacious and cozy. Some even have onboard luxury amenities like water toys and Jacuzzis. The yachts that are provided to the honeymooners have a specific technology such as stabilization systems that help the boat to be steady and ensure the sailing journey is smooth. Most of the honeymoon sailing yachts have 5-star service for the couple so that they have a flawless sailing holiday experience and journey.

Get an adrenalin rush from Watersports

  • Surfing

Though Seychelles is not known for surfing, it is one of the best water sports to find in Mahe. Surfing is quite popular among locals and enthusiasts. You can choose longboard or shortboard surfing as both are possible there. The crystal clear waters deep blue of the Indian Ocean offer some amazing spots for surfing in Seychelles to test the skills of the surfers and to reach perfection in that sport. If you want to do surfing in Seychelles, you have to book your holiday between October and December.

  • Snorkeling

Snorkeling is one of the best ways to explore the underwater life in Seychelles alone. It is known as one of the most adventurous water sports that take place in Seychelles. Snorkeling is also considered as the second-best of all the water adventure sports there and you may get transported to the rich marine world of Seychelles. You can get closer to some of the exotic fishes like parrotfish, butterfly fish, batfish, and more than 100 varieties of fishes amidst the Indian Ocean. Seychelles comprises the best spots for snorkeling across the world and bigger surprises await you in the deep blue waters of the Indian Ocean. The best time to enjoy snorkeling is from October to January.

  • Kayaking

Kayaking is another water sport that you will find in Seychelles. Kayaking is often described as one of the water sports which is environmentally and marine-friendly in the world. It is a must for you to try out kayaking during your Seychelles sailing holiday. It is one of the best activities that give you the freedom to enjoy open spaces, explore mangroves, breathe in the fresh air, and feel nature. Kayaking, when compared to other water sports in Seychelles, is quite comfortable and much safer. But make sure to wear your safety gear and follow all the instructions. The best time to go for kayaking in Seychelles is either from April to May or from October to November.

  • Scuba Diving

Seychelles and scuba diving are synonymous because this is always at the top of the list of travelers who come for their sailing holiday. Scuba diving is considered to be the best water adventure sport in Seychelles and offers the most unforgettable experience to the divers. Seychelles has various spots for scuba diving and you get the chance to experience nature’s best marvels and see the ocean in-depth. You have to visit Seychelles in between April and November to experience the best of scuba diving.