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How shipwrecks may have helped Hawaii’s jellyfish population boom

How shipwrecks may have helped Hawaii’s jellyfish population boom


In a current review, scientists uncovered that the improve in box jellyfish population’s off Hawaii’s Waikiki Seaside may well have been aided by a few shipwrecks. (AP Photograph/Caleb Jones, file)


The growth in Hawaii’s box jellyfish population may well be the consequence of three shipwrecks off Waikiki Beach front many years in the past, a new research shows.

Since the 1980s, the box jellyfish populace has boomed in and around Waikiki, according to the analyze from the University of Hawaii. With the reputation of Hawaii’s beach locations, the progress in box jellyfish may perhaps existing a “significant problem.”

Box jellies primarily reside in coastal waters off Northern Australia and through the Indo-Pacific. Their stings can trigger paralysis, cardiac arrest or even be fatal, in accordance to the Nationwide Ocean Support.

Box jellyfish appearances applied to be sporadic, but because of to the population’s raise, their beachings now happen consistently, the examine claims.

Due to the fact 1994, “the once sporadic aggregations and beachings have now occurred every single lunar cycle for at the very least 2 times for the duration of the period of 8–12 times just after every single full moon,” the study claims.

The more than decade-long research, which included scientists on a regular basis sailing at night off Waikiki to carry out jellyfish censuses, aimed to remedy why these mass beachings have turn into more repeated off Honolulu. The study precisely looked at the Alatina alata species of box jellyfish.

The raise in jellyfish populace, the research says, could in element be the final result of a few shipwrecks: the YO-257 in 1989, the San Pedro in 1996 and the Sea Tiger in 1999. The wrecks continue being at the base of Mamala Bay and have develop into synthetic reefs for close by wildlife, which includes jellyfish.

“You out of the blue have all this new serious estate to connect to,” the study’s direct researcher, Angel Yanagihara, informed Honolulu Civil Beat.

Offshore metal buildings have been shown to enhance jellyfish populations in the past research.

One more possible lead to for improve in jellyfish populations, according to the review, is the depletion of jellyfish predators, including particular fish species and turtles.

“Similar coastal mismanagement routines have been proven to trigger an raise in jellyfish populations,” the research suggests.

With the reputation of Hawaii’s beaches, the increase in the jellyfish population sales opportunities to possibly hundreds to countless numbers of stings each year, the examine says. This offers a “major general public wellness and basic safety worry.”

This tale was initially revealed May 31, 2022 11:23 AM.

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