June 13, 2024

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How to Game While Travelling

How to Game While Travelling

For gaming enthusiasts, leaving the digital world behind when they travel is a living nightmare. Fortunately, thanks to technology becoming smaller yet more powerful, the gaming world can be carried around in your suitcase for you to whip out whenever you feel like it. Below, you will find a gamer’s checklist for gaming on your travels.

Portable Device

If you’re travelling by plane, the chances are you’ve got to stick to a weight limit when packing your bags. Therefore, squeezing in your bulky console or desktop computer is out of the question. Therefore, you will need to find an alternative device to satisfy your gaming needs. Fortunately, the majority of us have a smartphone, which can be used to play countless game types. However, if you need something more substantial, you can take one of these Lenovo Portable Gaming Laptops, which will let you access all of your favourite games.

Power Bank

Depending on the length of your journey and the power situation, you will need to keep your chosen device charged. Therefore, we suggest investing in a high-quality power bank and fully charging it before you leave. As with gaming devices, there are many different types of power banks including fast-charging and standard; we recommend quick charge for gaming. Also, you should consider how the power bank is charged. For example, some of them plug into the wall and others have solar panel capability. If you’re going camping and the sun will be out, the latter is a great idea.

Gaming Travel Case

You won’t get away with throwing your laptop in with your normal luggage because it will likely get broken – we’ve all seen the way luggage handlers chuck suitcases around at airports. Therefore, you should invest in a laptop travel case that will protect your device and have ample storage for all of your wires and peripherals.

Additional Peripherals

On the topic of peripherals, you will likely need to enhance your gaming laptop for a positive experience. For example, while you’re wading through unknown worlds slaying foes, your fellow travellers don’t want to hear it. Therefore, you should invest in a pair of quality headphones. Further, playing games on a laptop trackpad isn’t great, which is why we suggest taking a gaming controller or a separate mouse.

Smartphone Addons

If taking a gaming laptop is too much for you or you can’t take a break while your devices are charging, consider turning your phone into a console. These days, you can mount your smartphone to a console-like controller – similar to the Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck. Whether you’ve got an Android, iPhone, or larger tablet, you will find a gaming mount to suit your device.

Take Away

Gone are the days when you had to leave the gaming world behind and were forced to spend time in reality. However, you should be considerate of other travellers and be sure not to disturb them. Further, while you’re on your adventure, remember to take a break from gaming and live in the real world for a bit.