October 4, 2023

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Tips to Help You Save Money on a Destination Wedding

Tips to Help You Save Money on a Destination Wedding

Destination weddings have a certain appeal, but much like most types of weddings, they do not come cheap. By the time you’ve accounted for every single cost from the dress to the flights, your budget might be looking unmanageable. However, if it is your dream, there is always a way to make it work. This guide is filled with tips to help you save money while planning a destination wedding event.

Hire an Event Planner

Hiring help may seem like a contradictory suggestion in the context of saving money but the expert advice and insight you will receive really does count towards economizing on services and expenses. With a professional guiding you through the planning process, you are more likely to have access to deals on supplies, travel, and accommodation, and this is just one core area where they can help. For a deeper dive into what a professional event planning company has to offer, click here to read more.

Use Local Vendors

When you think about the practicalities of shipping costs, depending on timely deliveries and international taxes to import goods, it makes much more sense financially to enlist the services of companies near the chosen destination. Seek advice from your event planner or ask at the venue to see what the local economy has to offer your big day, you may even get a great deal for choosing to support business in the area.

Book Everything in Advance

In advance means as far in advance as possible, for example, a year if possible. As soon as the prices are updated for your wedding date season, take advantage of the early bird offers and book everything you can to ensure both availability and no surprises when the prices inevitably shift closer to the day. The nearer to the event you get, the more expensive it will be to find goods as the demand becomes much higher and therefore services become scarce.

Go Paperless

Couples planning a destination wedding gain a lot from creating a website dedicated to the day. This also has practical uses such as keeping guests informed of the agenda, providing information about travel and lodgings, and listing information such as guest registries. Going paperless can be taken one step further with e-vites in place of traditional paper ones, as they cost much less and have the bonus of being more sustainable too.

Do the Legal Bit At Home

The actual legal ceremony is a cost some people don’t expect, but it can be quite expensive, especially when you have to apply for special licenses and similar. Doing this at home beforehand takes one thing off the list. The signing of paper does not define the bigger wedding event and you can still have the dream party and a performative ceremony in front of everyone you hold dear at your destination venue.


Saving money on a destination wedding is easy when you know where to look. Hiring an event planner makes everything easier and gives you exclusive access to deals you would not be able to source independently.