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Complete Guide To Colorado’s Most Beautiful Town

Complete Guide To Colorado’s Most Beautiful Town

Telluride is one of Colorado’s picture-perfect snow towns. It is a postcard-worthy town with quaint vintage shops, narrow lanes, jaw-dropping views of the San Juan Mountains, and pristine Victorian homes. There are plenty of things to see throughout Colorado, but this 12-block town can easily be covered on foot and has plenty of activities to offer throughout the year. Of Colorado’s many beautiful towns, Telluride is one of the most loved vacation spots.

When it comes to picking a ski resort in Colorado, Telluride falls short of words. That’s how pretty this little town and its locals are. So, bring a camera, buy those lift tickets, ride the gondola and head up the ski slope, or simply stay in the downtown area and grab a beer and some delicious food. Telluride indeed is for everyone.

UPDATE: 2023/04/13 11:10 EST BY BARRY JUMA

Colorado’s Most Beautiful: The Ultimate Guide To Telluride & Things To Do

The spectacular mountain destination of Telluride is loved by nature enthusiasts, so it’s only fair to share some more things to do for those planning to visit this destination. This update shares a few more options: riding the Telluride Gondola, exploring Mountain Village, and attending the annual Telluride Film Festival.

Top Things To Do In Telluride

Whether it’s Telluride winters, or summers, the ski & golf town has a big list of activities that offer a memorable experience. From simple hikes to hikes for experienced climbers, here are some of the must-do things in Telluride.

1 Go Skiing At Telluride Ski Resort

Telluride From Above

Telluride From Above

This is hands-down, one of the best places to ski in Colorado. Also known as the white magic town of Colorado, hit the slopes of Telluride for an impeccable ski experience.

Well-suited for beginners and advanced-level skiers, the ski resort is spread across 2000 acres of accessible terrain.

With a maximum elevation of 13,150 feet, this town receives over 290 inches of snow every year. During summers, one can expect a serene hiking and golfing experience too.

2 Explore Downtown Telluride

Historic Downtown Telluride
Lauren Orr / Shutterstock

View of Historic Downtown Telluride

This small historic mining village has a strong sense of history and picturesque, narrow streets filled with quaint and vintage-looking shops, Parisian cafés, and modern minimalist restaurants.

Regardless of the season, Telluride downtown is always hustling with crowds, skiers, window shoppers, and food enthusiasts.

3 Hike The Miguel River Trail

Miguel River Trail, Telluride, Colorado
Via: Shutterstock

Miguel River Trail, Telluride, Colorado

Care to venture into the wild? All the outdoors ask for are good hiking shoes, some water, and a packed lunch. San Miguel River trail meanders along the riverside in this ancient town. This trail is an easily accessible and doable spot.

4 Venture To Bear Creek Falls

A view of Bear Creek Falls
Photo by Devin L on Unsplash

A view of Bear Creek Falls

A quick hike to Bear Creek Falls is yet another item on the checklist. All hikers need are comfortable shoes and maybe a hiking stick.

Hike up to the waterfall for some spectacular views of the neighboring forests.

5 Admire The Alta Lakes

Alta Lakes, Telluride, Colorado
Photo by Kameron Kincade on Unsplash

Alta Lakes, Telluride, Colorado – located just outside Telluride, there are plenty of hiking trails around

Colorado is filled with beauty wherever visitors look. Alpine lakes like the Alta Lake is another must-visit place around Telluride. Located at an altitude of 11,300 feet, Alta Lake is surrounded by several hiking trails and is always filled with hikers and mountain climbers.

  • Price
    : Free

  • Time required
    : Half day

6 Drop By Telluride Historical Museum

Downtown Telluride
Image by David Mark from Pixabay 

A view of Downtown Telluride, Colorado

A quick walk along the main street of Telluride resides this little historical museum which was initially a local miners’ hospital.

Filled with interesting artifacts, informational content, historical displays, and photographs from renowned local artists, this museum was founded in 1966. Their collection has expanded from simple artifacts to detailed archeological findings.

7 Catch A Performance At The Sheridan Opera House

A view of Telluride in winter
Image by David Mark from Pixabay 

A view of Telluride in winter

This Opera House is an event space that hosts comedy shows, live theater plays, music concerts, films, and more. This is a non-profitable venue that benefits NGOs and local community organizations.

Artists like Smokey Robinson, Steven Marley, The Wailers, Tim O’Brien, and many more, have performed at the Sheridan Opera House.

  • Address
    : 110 N Oak St, Telluride, CO 81435, United States

8 Take A Ride On The Telluride Gondola

The Telluride Gondola
Photo by Jesse Paul on Unsplash

The Telluride Gondola

Experience breathtaking views with a ride on the Telluride Gondola, a unique mode of transportation connecting the towns of Telluride and Mountain Village. Operating daily from 6:30 am to midnight, this 13-minute journey offers passengers a chance to admire the stunning mountain scenery and spot local wildlife.

The gondola is not only a popular attraction but also a practical way to travel between the two towns, completely free of charge. Suitable for all ages, the Telluride Gondola is a must-visit attraction that showcases the beauty of Colorado’s landscape.

  • Address
    : 455 Mountain Village Blvd, Telluride, CO 81435, United States

  • Hours
    : 6:30 am – 12 am (daily)

9 Attend The Telluride Film Festival

Buildings in Telluride, Colorado
Image by David Mark from Pixabay 

Buildings in Telluride, Colorado

The Telluride Film Festival is an annual event that celebrates the art of filmmaking, attracting movie enthusiasts and industry professionals alike. Held over Labor Day weekend, this prestigious festival showcases a diverse selection of films, ranging from documentaries to international features.

Attendees can enjoy screenings, panel discussions, and the chance to interact with filmmakers, actors, and critics. The festival’s intimate atmosphere and picturesque setting make it a memorable experience for film lovers visiting Telluride.

  • Address
    : 500 E Colorado Ave, Telluride, CO 81435, United States

  • Dates
    : Labor Day weekend (annually)

10 Wander Around Mountain Village

A sign in Mountain Village, Telluride
Via: Shutterstock

A sign in Mountain Village, Telluride

Nestled in the heart of the San Juan Mountains, Mountain Village is a charming alpine town just a short gondola ride away from Telluride. This picturesque village features a variety of shops, restaurants, and outdoor activities, making it an ideal destination for a leisurely stroll or family outing.

Visitors can explore the pedestrian-friendly plazas, indulge in local cuisine, or simply relax and take in the stunning mountain views. With its European-inspired architecture and welcoming atmosphere, Mountain Village is a delightful escape for those seeking a serene retreat.

  • Address
    : Mountain Village, CO 81435, United States

11 Best Time To Go To Telluride

Autumn in Telluride
Via: Shutterstock

Autumn in Telluride

Telluride is Colorado’s most beautiful vacation destination. While every season has something new to offer here, the best time to visit Telluride is mid-June to August and mid-November to the first week of April.

These are the prime summer and winter seasons to explore the beauty of the city. Telluride is world-renowned for its skiing activities and summer music festivals. However, the peak seasons come with the added pressure of price hikes and larger crowds.

In order to save some wallet space, make use of advance bookings for flights and hotels.

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The off seasons in Telluride are before June and from September and November. It’s early spring and fall shoulder season when the city has gorgeous fall foliage for those Instagram-worthy pictures.

However, note that many shops and restaurants close for maintenance during these off-seasons. Speaking of spring, the snow has just melted giving way to the blooming flowers, which means an abundance of boating and kayaking activities.

Between June and August the temperatures touch the ideal 70 degrees and the activities are at their peak. It’s perfect to enjoy the gondola rides, hiking, biking, camping, and enjoying the local food scene.

12 What To Know When Visiting Telluride

Telluride town at night
Image by David Mark from Pixabay 

Telluride town at night

Telluride used to be a mining town, but its location in the Rocky Mountains makes it an ideal destination for skiing, hiking, and other outdoor recreation.

Keep in mind that Telluride is small; the entire downtown area is only eight blocks long. Shuttles make up most of the transportation and keep the streets clear of tourists for the fewer than 3,000 residents.

Telluride is welcoming, but it’s important to respect the way of life here—and the historic landmarks.

13 Best Ways To Get Around In Telluride

Best ways to get to Telluride, Colorado
Photo by Jack Millard on Unsplash

A road in Telluride, CO

Telluride is a large ski town. The easiest way to get around town is on foot or on a rented bicycle. Everything from shops, restaurants, cafés, and activity zones, is all walking distance (or riding distance) away.

The town also has a free shuttle service. There is a gondola service that takes visitors up and down the ski slopes of Telluride, but the gondola service is only available during summer.

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The easiest way to reach Telluride is to fly into the Colorado Springs Airport or the Denver International Airport and drive to the ski town. The drive is about 300 miles and is a scenic trip to remember.

To avoid the long drive, fly into Montrose Regional Airport (MTJ) and catch the Telluride Express. However, not many commercial flights land in MTJ.

  • The town’s shuttle service is the Galloping Goose bus service which runs every 20 minutes around the city and is free to ride. It starts every day at 7 AM and till midnight.

14 Where To Stay In Telluride

a cabin in the woods and snow of telluride, colorado
via Shutterstock

A cabin covered in snow in Telluride, CO

No matter what budget one is looking for, Telluride has hotels and accommodations for every range. While hotels in Telluride can be pricey, the ski resort itself is a luxury holiday destination. However, whether it’s luxury private penthouses, premium rooms onlooking at the magical mountain ranges, or simple guest rooms to accommodate the need for a memorable ski holiday, Telluride has something for every budget.

The Peaks Resort and Spa (Luxury)

Located at the base of Telluride ski resort, The Peaks Resort & Spa is a luxurious resort property offering unlimited access to outdoor activities, a direct shuttle service to the gondola, and some of the best views of the majestic San Juan Mountains of Telluride.

They offer cozy guest rooms, suites, and penthouses and promise a relaxing vacation amidst tall snowy mountain ranges and delicious food.

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The Hotel Telluride (Mid-range)

Located in the heart of downtown Telluride, this hotel offers ambient luxury with premier hospitality in the ski town.

With the best tourist spots, bars, and restaurants just walking distance from the hotel, Hotel Telluride offers high-end furniture with fine dining and comfortable, spacious rooms. The gondola is right around the corner and the hotel provides a direct shuttle service.

The Victoria Inn (Budget-friendly)

The Victoria Inn is one of the most budget-friendly hotel options in Telluride. The hotel offers luxury at affordable prices. Located right next to the gondola, the ski resort is easily accessible.

The hotel has a chic and unique charm with options like guest rooms, and cozy cottages available for rent.

15 Where To Eat In Telluride

Winter in Telluride
Via: Shutterstock

Winter in Telluride

Since Telluride caters to a large range of visitors from across the country, the restaurant and bar scene here is equally happening. Today, tourists rush to the center and downtown corridor to experience a mouthwatering culinary experience.

From in-house beers to stunning early-morning breakfast options and a wide range of international cuisine, Telluride has a range of food options.

The Butcher & The Baker (Breakfast)

This restaurant is best known for its delicious breakfast. Visitors can come by to relish some delicious pancakes with house-made pepper jam and organic eggs.

They also serve some delicious German pastries and classic English waffles.

  • Price
    : $

  • Address:
    201 E Colorado Ave, Telluride, CO 81435, United States

Brown Dog Pizza (Lunch)

Brown Dog Pizza is one spot for all those pie cravings alongside world-class pizza. They have award-winning accreditations for their house-made pizzas.

They offer thick and thin-crust pizzas and gluten-free and vegetarian options. They have a bar and an indoor dining area to enjoy must-try pies like the thick Brooklyn Bridge Pie and their classic square Detroit pies.

  • Price
    : $$

  • Address:
    110 E Colorado Ave, Telluride, CO 81435, United States

Allred’s Restaurant (Dinner date)

If a dinner date is something of interest, head to Allred’s for a unique, luxurious, and picturesque American dining experience. The restaurant offers stunning sunset views, thanks to being located between two gondola stations.

At 10,000 feet above sea level, the restaurant has long-walled glass overlooking the snowy hill slopes of Telluride. It is a perfect spot for a dress-up date night.

  • Price
    : $$$

  • Address:
    San Sophia Station, Telluride, CO 81435, United States

16 How To Spend A Perfect Day In Telluride

Spend a day in Telluride, Colorado
Photo by Tim Peterson on Unsplash

Spend a perfect day in Telluride, Colorado

The ski town of Telluride offers a lot of travelers who enjoy the outdoors and nature. While a day might not enough to enjoy this quaint town, it can be done with the right itinerary.

For a postcard-perfect day in Telluride, start the day by visiting the Telluride Historical Museum to get an insight into the town and its history. Spend about an hour or two by taking a self-guided tour and then hit downtown Telluride to explore the central zone.

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In the afternoon head to the Miguel River Trail for a hike and soothing river views. In the evening, head back to the town and hit the Sheridan Opera House to take in a concert. Alternatively, enjoy the Telluride Art walk from one gallery to another. The information about these self-guided walks can be found in the visitor center.

If hiking is all visitors wish to do for a day in Telluride, they can head to the Jud Wiebe Trail for a 2.7-mile hike.


Q: Is Telluride worth the trip?

Telluride is one of the best adventurous towns in Southwest Colorado. It is also an all-year-round destination; from skiing to hiking to sightseeing, there is a lot that Telluride has to offer, including one of the best hiking trails in Colorado.

Q: Do you need a car in Telluride?

A car comes in handy in a small town like Telluride. However, it is okay even if visitors don’t have a car. The town is small and cozy and can easily be covered on foot. Plus the Galloping Goose bus service runs throughout the city and is free to ride.

Q: Is Telluride beginner friendly?

Telluride Ski Resort is extremely family-friendly. It has trails that are easy and some others for more advanced-level skiers. Most of the slopes here are designed for beginner skiers and kids. There are challenges available for experienced skiers, too, though.