February 2, 2023

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Fodor’s recommendation to skip Lake Tahoe was the right call

This feeling column was submitted by Pamela Tsigdinos, a Washoe County resident.

Fodor’s Journey, a revered source for vacation suggestions the entire world around, lately advised travelers to skip Lake Tahoe in 2023 due to overtourism impacts. This alarmed vacationer companies whose sole mission is — to quote just one agency — “place much more heads in beds.”

Fodor’s designation of Tahoe as a vacation spot to skip highlights the basin’s confused neighborhood means. There is far too considerably website traffic congestion on the two-lane street circling the lake furthermore trash and h2o pollution, like invasive species. Locals also cite air good quality impacts, wildlife disturbance, pet squander, path degradation and — of best problem — wildfire hazards as evidenced by modern fires. These challenges deteriorate Lake Tahoe’s famed clarity. The Tahoe Environmental Science Centre described Tahoe has its personal lake garbage patch akin to the Pacific Ocean trash mass.