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Japan Travel Advice & Safety

Japan Travel Advice & Safety

You happen to be subject matter to all local legal guidelines and penalties, such as those that may possibly look harsh by Australian standards. Exploration community laws right before travelling.

If you’re arrested or jailed, the Australian Federal government will do what it can to enable you in the scope of our Consular Companies Constitution. But we are not able to get you out of problems or out of jail.

See the Australian Embassy Tokyo web-site for extra information and facts about arrests in Japan.

Be aware that you will never be allowed to make a cellphone contact if you are arrested in Japan. You can also be detained for up to 23 days without having any formal charge.


Authorities can arrest and demand you if they discover trace quantities of illegal medication in your blood or urine.

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Relatives regulation

Japanese household regulation, which include divorce and little one custody, is very unique to Australian law. For illustration, joint custody of a child soon after divorce is not a legal solution, and there are limitations to accessibility for a non-custodial mum or dad. The Relatives Courts in Japan typically think about that it is in a child’s ideal interests for them to continue to be in their “usual spot of residence”. Courts thus generally give sole custody to the mother or father that has taken treatment of the child most not long ago.

If you’re concerned in custody or other spouse and children disputes, consult with a law firm ahead of you depart Australia or if you are currently in Japan. We have produced some standard information and facts about challenges all-around custody, child abduction and parental rights. 

Australia and Japan are each functions to The Hague Conference on the Civil Factors of Global Baby Abduction.

If you happen to be anxious that your little one has been wrongfully eradicated or detained in Japan, contact the Lawyer-General’s Office in Australia.

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Work law

Some employment agents may well mislead and stimulate foreigners to get the job done in Japan without the need of:

  • the proper visa
  • financial preparations in put

This could depart you open up to exploitation and prosecution.

Authorities have arrested Australians for working in the leisure field when in Japan on tourist visas.

If you want to journey to Japan for function:

  • check the correct nature of the work made available
  • get the right visa in advance of arriving in Japan
  • get lawful suggestions ahead of signing any deal

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Law enforcement powers

Law enforcement can cease you on the road, demand identification and lookup you and your possessions.

If you’re in a community put, law enforcement can seize:

  • knives longer than 5.5cm, which includes blades and penknives
  • firearms
  • any other weapons or points you could use as weapons
  • medicine
  • any merchandise they fairly suspect you stole or have unlawfully

If they discover any of these goods on you, it is possible that police will detain you.

If you might be arrested, police can detain you for up to 23 times devoid of cost, such as for offences you might think are insignificant. Law enforcement may possibly maintain you for weeks or months although they look into and undertake legal proceedings.

The initial police interview could very last various hrs. Law enforcement might record it in composing somewhat than electronically.

Under Japanese law, you can:

  • continue to be silent
  • entry lawful illustration
  • have an interpreter provided

Nevertheless, in Japan law enforcement can dilemma you without having your attorney present.

English interpreters may possibly be substandard. Get a list of English-talking legal professionals close to Japan from the Australian Embassy web page.

Other guidelines

If you are checking out Japan shorter-expression as a tourist or for organization, you must usually carry your passport.

If you live in Japan, you should usually carry your residence card.

It is unlawful to:

  • get or consume alcoholic beverages if you might be under 20 many years outdated
  • push with any liquor in your bloodstream
  • allow anyone less than the impact of alcohol to push a auto in which you happen to be a passenger

The adhering to things to do are also unlawful:

  • importing or possessing firearms or other weapons without a allow.
  • smoking cigarettes on the streets in some components of Tokyo and other towns.
  • employing UHF-CB radios (walkie-talkies) that really don’t fulfill Japanese requirements, this kind of as those people procured outside Japan.
  • resisting arrest or other actions that hinder an official’s obligations.
  • flying a drone with out a allow in numerous areas of Japan. Rigorous rules use below aviation legal guidelines.
  • possessing illegal prescription drugs in your overall body (detected by urine screening).
  • drinking on the streets on certain times, these kinds of as around Shibuya on Halloween and New Year’s Eve.


Penalties for severe crimes, these as murder, include the loss of life penalty.

Other sentences can include:

  • hefty fines
  • lengthy jail terms with tricky labour
  • deportation