May 25, 2024

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New tax rules to chase away Hungarian tourist guides?

New tax rules to chase away Hungarian tourist guides?

On Tuesday, the Hungarian parliament recognized the government’s modifications to the preferred smaller company tax (KATA) in Hungary. As a consequence, KATA payers, with the exception of taxi drivers, will be capable to generate revenues by accomplishing business enterprise only with personal folks and Hungarian citizens. Experts say that several tourist guides will vanish from the tourism sector considering that they will have to pay much bigger taxes due to the fact of the modifications. Beneath you can read through the aspects.

Hundreds of 1000’s of family members in issues in Hungary

According to, the new regulations of KATA bring about issues in the Hungarian tourism sector. That is mainly because, from September, it will only be profitable for self-used people today operating total-time in their company and furnishing products and services or selling products and solutions to people today. They will have to shell out a flat tax of HUF 50,000 (EUR 122) for each month if their once-a-year revenues do not exceed HUF 18,000,000 (EUR 43,932.26). Nevertheless, most of the existing KATA payers do not tumble into that classification. They produce revenues by collaborating with firms and institutions or they only do the job part-time in their business enterprise. Vacationer guides and Airbnb owners are excellent illustrations of that.

Dependent on the calculations of, the modifications have an affect on at minimum 2/3rd of the approximately 450,000 KATA payers. A smaller company will shed EUR 106.63 for each thirty day period if its yearly profits does not get to HUF 3,000,000 (EUR 7,332). That loss rises to EUR 143.29 per month if the yearly profits is HUF 5,000,000 (12,221 EUR). The loss is respectively EUR 180 and EUR 452 for every thirty day period if the modest enterprise reaches the HUF 7,000,000 and 12,000,000 thresholds (EUR 17,019 and 30,000). These are considerable losses if you take into account that the median common profits in Hungary is under EUR 1,000 for every month.

Additionally, the first tax plan was so straightforward that nobody essential to employ an accountant. Administering other tax solutions is much extra tricky. As a result, most folks will need the support of a qualified. That will insert EUR 50 to the costs of the previous KATA payers, every month.

Coup de grâce to lots of vacationer guides

In the tourism sector, vacationer guides, waiters and cooks selected KATA. Judit Deák, the chairwoman of the Federation of Hungarian Vacationer Guides, stated that the circumstance was not as grave as it seemed. They hope that the federal government will adjust the suitable regulations as transpired during the pandemic when the administration initially excluded vacationer guides from several allowances. Having said that, they at some point modified relevant decrees upon receiving numerous grievances from people today doing work in that sector.

Mrs Deák highlighted that tourist guides make revenues by doing work with vacation businesses that understandably are not non-public people. Furthermore, most vacationer guides do the job with several vacation organizations. She included that, supplied the government does not improve the new principles,

quite a few will keep on their perform illegally, which usually means the point out will lose a major sum of tax income.

One more consequence might be that tourist guides will have to elevate their costs. In that scenario, less agencies will pick their providers since they will not have the spending budget. And so, the circle closes. 10-20 percent of the tourist guides still left the sector simply because of the pandemic. That charge might maximize because of the new KATA rules.

As we documented,

protests broke out on Tuesday mainly because of the KATA modifications.

Demonstrators collected on Kossuth Square, in the vicinity of the parliament. The crowd afterwards marched to Margaret Bridge and blocked the visitors there. At noon, they did the identical on the Elizabeth Bridge. Ruling Fidesz and KDNP MPs did not care: they voted for the new principles 120 to 58. You can examine our report on the Tuesday protest and glimpse at the photographs on THIS connection.

The government explained the new policies would address the concern of “hidden employment” as the preferential tax would be restricted to business owners marketing their items or offering their solutions to residents. KATA payers, with the exception of taxi drivers, will, thus, produce revenues by performing small business with non-public individuals and Hungarian citizens only. The new rules are to acquire influence on 1 September, when taxpayers will have time until eventually 25 September to suggest irrespective of whether they desire to remain with the modified program or like other forms of taxation.