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St. Kitts 2023 travel guide

St. Kitts 2023 travel guide

As additional of a connoisseur of good spirits than fine wines, I was intrigued to discover I could turn out to be a “rummelier” in St. Kitts.

The Caribbean island recently launched its Kittitian RumMaster plan, which includes skilled-led simple and theoretical classes at two distilleries. In the 1-working day tour, you’ll greater comprehend the complicated record of the spirit, build your have spiced rum and research the science of mixing rum-centered cocktails.

My working day begins at Wingfield Estate, web page of the Caribbean’s oldest surviving rum distillery and household of the not too long ago launched Previous Street Rum Organization. Less than the warmth of the mid-early morning sunshine, I wander the lush grounds although my tour guidebook factors out noteworthy capabilities, like the ancient ruins of the excavated distillery and sugar plantation.

“This would have been the sugar mill where the sugar cane stalks had been squeezed to extract the juice from the plant. And that steam boiler would have crystallized the sugar,” says Bon Jovi. (Of course, that is his real identify.)

Rum production is deeply connected to St. Kitts history, and old sugar mills remain.

Standing by a towering stone chimney, which was presumably the giveaway that a distillery existed on this web site, Jovi reveals that the Widdowson spouse and children acquired the estate in the 1970s, when it was nevertheless covered in overgrowth from a neighbouring forest reserve.

In 2013, with the assist of archeologists, the family discovered they were sitting on a historic distillery. Archeologists have since proven that rum was created below as early as 1681, generating Wingfield the oldest intact distillery in the Caribbean. This estate was as soon as owned by Christopher Jeaffreson, an ancestor of previous U.S. president Thomas Jefferson.

The production of rum is deeply connected to the history that has shaped the two-island nation of St. Kitts and Nevis.

The household of the 1st British and French colonies in the Caribbean, St. Kitts has a sophisticated historical past, rooted in slavery. When Christopher Columbus sailed to St. Kitts in 1493 — which was then inhabited by the Carib men and women — he named it St. Christopher, which was shortened to St. Kitt’s by English settlers, who proven a colony on the island’s west coastline. The French founded their very own colony in 1627. Divided amongst the French and English in the 17th century, the island was offered to Britain St. Kitts and Nevis realized independence only in 1983.

The Brimstone Hill Fortress, begun in 1690, is a landmark from St. Kitts' colonial era.

This colonization brought brutality, including the genocide of the Indigenous Caribs and the importation of African slaves, thousands and thousands of whom didn’t endure the treacherous transatlantic journey. All those who did ended up pressured to build up the island for the reward of colonizers, which involved clearing tobacco and rainforests to make way for sugar cane.

By 1775, with 200 estates and 68 sugar plantations generating the “white gold,” St. Kitts became recognised as Sugar City, and was a single of the wealthiest British colonies at the time. The plentiful sugar output led to abundant rum creation.

“You could not stroll anyplace with out seeing a sugar plantation when I was kid,” suggests Old Road Rum founder Jack Widdowson. But the island’s final sugar cane factory closed in 2005, just after St. Kitts could no extended compete with worldwide producers, and this, in flip, pressured the island’s at the time-bountiful rum manufacturing to fold.

Widdowson lived in Toronto and Nova Scotia for 14 years to attend college and do the job right before relocating property to convey the excavated distillery back to life. “When I realized what we were sitting on in phrases of (the distillery’s) historical worth, I wished to do some thing with that record,” claims Widdowson, who has been at the forefront of a motion to honour the island’s earlier by bringing rum production again to St. Kitts.

Jack Widdowson of Old Road Rum is at the forefront of the island's rum revivalist movement.

In 2019, he launched Previous Street Rum, which is at the moment generated from imported batch rum (he will not divulge from wherever), aged for 12 a long time in previous bourbon casks, and then blended and bottled. As a prolonged-expression ambition, he’s doing work toward distilling rum and replanting sugar cane on the grounds.

Roger Brisbane is also component of this revivalist motion to convey rum again. His distillery, Spice Mill Cafe, is the next end in the Kittitian RumMaster method. Brisbane designed Hibiscus Spirits, a spiced rum infused with regionally grown roselle hibiscus. Also termed sorrel, it’s widely eaten in the Caribbean.

At his wonderful beachfront distillery, my fellow rum-masters-in-the-earning and I blend cloves, vanilla and other components to create several flavour profiles as Brisbane guides us by means of the methodology of infusing spices and herbs into spirits. Right after creating and bottling our individual signature spiced rum to get dwelling, we shake up colourful coconut rum cocktails.

Of system, you do not have to have to enrol in a system to working experience rum on St. Kitts. At the 4 Seasons Resort Nevis, mixologist Kendie Williams generously pours tastings of noteworthy international makes like El Dorado and Zacapa, alongside with Brinley Gold Shipwreck. You can also sample the hotel’s personal (and pretty unusual) Crowned Monkey Rum — only a person barrel of it was developed.

The Timothy Hill Overlook offers one of St. Kitts' iconic views.

Regardless of what you do, make time for the energetic Sunshine’s Beach Bar & Grill, which has served up its well-known Killer Bee rum punch for 30 many years in Nevis. The cocktail arrives with a warning from just about just about every local: be watchful. I take one sip of my Toddler Bee (I asked for a tiny serving) and fully grasp why — two of these toddlers and I’d definitely be less than the table.

The partitions are plastered with pics of those people who have survived this killer cocktail, which includes Justin Trudeau, Beyoncé and Jay Z, and Magic Johnson.

The bar’s operator, Sunshine Caines, who embodies his name, emerges from a spirited table of teetotallers to greet me with a major, vibrant smile. Apart from divulging that he uses Previous Road Rum in his Killer Bees, he will not expose what will make it so strong.

It is a comprehensive-circle moment for Caines, who labored on the sugar plantations as a child, an arduous experience. “It taught me that tough operate can provide achievements,” he claims. “Not (results) like Jeff Bezos but results in lifetime, and I have made use of that achievements to share what this island presents: joy and kindness. To me, sharing that is what helps make you thriving.”

I’ll drink to that. Not only does the island share joy and kindness, but it is also suffused with a perseverance to honour the earlier by bringing its record into its foreseeable future.

How to develop into a licensed “rummelier”

The Kittitian RumMaster program is a a few-hour tour, $150 (U.S.) per human being, supplied weekly (Wednesdays). Following you are tutored in rum custom and procedure at the two distilleries, you’ll obtain a certificate of completion. To indicator up, check out “The Joys of Rum” on

Charmaine Noronha travelled as a guest of the St. Kitts Tourism Authority, which did not overview or approve this article.

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