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The Ultimate Travel Guide To Henderson & Things To Do For Families, Friends, & Solo Travelers

The Ultimate Travel Guide To Henderson & Things To Do For Families, Friends, & Solo Travelers

It might be challenging to figure out where to begin when it comes to organizing a vacation in America because there is so much to discover in this enormous country. However, there aren’t many places that attract friends, families, and solo travelers alike. Henderson, the second-largest and among the many beautiful cities in Nevada, is one such location.

There is practically endless amusement wherever visitors turn. Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, and its own thriving art, culture, leisure, shopping, and food scenes are all easily accessible from here. There is so much to do and explore in the city. Check out the ultimate travel guide for Nevada’s Henderson.


Best Time To Go To Henderson

Henderson Nevada

Sunset view at Nevada

Nevada has a lot to offer and March and April seem to be the ideal time to travel here. The US region has extremely high summers and winter weather due to its primarily desert terrain.

July is the peak travel month in Henderson, Nevada, trailed by April and June. Although, people can benefit if they book far ahead, as these months will have the highest hotel and airfare prices.

In November, it’s improbable that tourists would travel to Henderson. Those willing to travel during these periods will probably discover that it is the cheapest month.

  • Best Season To Visit: Spring
  • Best Months To Visit: March-April

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Discover The Best Of Henderson

Henderson Nevada (1)

view of the Frenchman Mountain from Henderson

Nevada is a state of opportunities and Henderson, which clings to the southern border of the storied Global Hub of Gambling, has earned fame for being a more relaxed, suburban contrast to the Vice City and the flashing lights of the Las Vegas Strip.

There are many entertaining activities to do, in addition to being named one of America’s most desirable places to live.

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Furthermore, there are several excellent family-friendly landmarks across Henderson for people to enjoy with their children. The Clark County Museum and Lion Hatch Ranch will be a hit with the youngsters.

The numerous natural areas will appeal to outdoor lovers as well. Visitors can easily reach Lake Mead and Hoover Dam from the city towards the north.

Tourists can also take a Grand Canyon excursion or the River Hill Loop Circuit, which runs between Hoover Dam and Boulder City.

Top Things To Check Out In Henderson

In Henderson, there are numerous activities and sights to explore, from outdoor recreation to wildlife sights. Let’s look at some of the most popular things to do in the city.

Have A Water Park Day

Water Park Day Henderson

Water Park Day Henderson

Spending a day in Cowabunga Bay is among the coolest things to experience when visiting Henderson if people are traveling with kids. The enormous water park comprises a gigantic wave pool, a meandering river, more than 25 waterslides, pools, and other water features.

The park advertises that its wave pool creates the biggest swells in a man-made aqua park worldwide. Lovely sandy beaches are also available for lounging. Toddlers and small children have a separate play space with a swimming pool.

Between April and September, Cowabunga Bay is accessible on the weekends, daily in June and July, and for vacations like Spring Break.

See Some Lions

Lion Habitat Ranch

Lion coming out of the cage

The Lion Habitat Ranch began as a refuge for the lions once on show at the MGM Hotel. Today, it has developed into a preserve for these powerful animals.

People will witness giraffes, emus, ostriches, parrots, tortoises, and lion pride. Tourist experiences, such as feeding the giraffe or the lions, or a self-guided excursion of the establishment, are both options. Guards are available to respond to any inquiries.

It’s among the biggest attractions in Henderson, especially for kids since they enjoy getting near the lions while looking through reinforced glass.

Go Hiking

Sloan Canyon Henderson

The trailhead to Sloan Canyon

There are many sites in Nevada that are out of this world and one of those is this one. Sloan Canyon, a portion of the Nature Preserve, is a sizable outdoor area begging to be discovered. Miles of hiking paths with numerous trail heads may be found around Henderson.

Consider going on a hike in the North McCullough Wilderness region of Sloan Canyon, which is about half an hour from Henderson.

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In addition to trekking, make sure to check out the Petroglyph Canyon and Track. More than 300 rock art exhibitions produced by indigenous cultures can be seen in the canyon area.

A few of the artworks are thought to be among the world’s finest and most distinctive examples, and it goes back over 10,000 years in some cases. It is surely among the most stunning natural wonders in Nevada to explore.

Enjoy Biking


many people biking

The 34-mile River Mountains Loop Trail joins Henderson with Boulder City, Hoover Dam, Lake Mead National Recreation Area, and the broader Las Vegas Valley. It is concrete and dog-friendly.

The circuit trail encircles the River Mountains region and displays the breathtaking Mojave Desert landscape. It’s a fantastic way to take in Henderson’s and the surrounding region’s natural picturesque splendor.

Visitors can attempt to cover the entire circuit on a bike or a quick stroll. The trail is moderately strenuous and takes a couple of hours to bike completely.

Henderson ranks among the top locations to reside in Nevada due to its family-friendly environment, a plethora of outdoor leisure opportunities, world-class leisure, and top-notch food scene.

It is also a desirable destination due to its location just at the southern Las Vegas Strip and its classification as a Las Vegas neighborhood.

Green Valley Ranch

Green Valley Ranch Henderson

decoration of The District at Green Valley Ranch

The Green Valley Ranch community, one of Henderson’s top locations to live, is the spot to discover. The place has an abundance of parkland, walking routes, bike lanes, churches, and leisure facilities can be found in the area.

One of the city’s most prestigious and luxurious resorts, Green Valley Ranch Resort Spa Casino, is also nearby. Due to plenty of distinctive shops, eateries, workplaces, and residential areas, visitors can also enjoy the best shopping experience possible here.

Cowabunga Bay Water Park is also in this area.

Lake Las Vegas

Lake Las Vegas Henderson

view of the beautiful Lake Las Vegas

It is unquestionably worthwhile to travel to Lake Las Vegas, a magnificent resort area, situated near one of the many beautiful lakes in Nevada.

The neighborhood is a haven in the desert of southern Nevada that depicts a lovely Mediterranean-themed town. It offers world-class golf holes, exquisite dining options, and enjoyment on the water.

Vino Del Lago is a well-known live music venue offering over 25 various wines by the bottle. The best location in the area to eat exquisite Mexican food with a Californian touch is Sonrisa Grill, which also has a full bar and a lakeside deck.

One can also enjoy delectable French Mediterranean cuisine at the Mimi and Coco Bistro in the village.

Whitney Ranch

One of the neighborhoods in the center of Henderson, Whitney Ranch is a carefully-planned neighborhood enveloped by various parks, beautiful hiking paths, and leisure opportunities.

The M Resort Spa Casino, a luxury resort, casino, and spa, is located in the neighborhood. An excellent place to go hiking in the region is Whitney Mesa Park Recreation Area, Henderson’s 14th-best park.

Whitney Ranch is also home to the Clark County Museum, where tourists can discover the past of Henderson and Clark County with displays, relics, and eight historical monuments.

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Where To Eat

Crepe Expectations

Crepe Expectations board

Henderson, Nevada, has a thriving food scene, but tourists should also check out the city’s thriving local beer and beverages scenes.

Everyone will find it a delightful treat to sample some fantastic cuisine in the area.

Accommodations In Henderson

There are benefits to living close to Sin City, Vegas, and being a popular tourist destination. Henderson is home to some of the most stunning hotels in the nation, each outfitted with the newest conveniences for a relaxing and enjoyable stay.

Hotels are available in every price range, from luxurious to inexpensive.

Luxury hotels

The M Resort Spa & Casino Las Vegas

The M Resort Spa & Casino Las Vegas

The M Resort Spa & Casino Las Vegas

  • Cost: Starts at $315 per night for 2 adults
  • Address: 12300 Las Vegas Blvd. S., Henderson, NV
  • Amenities: Fitness center, Restaurant, Bar, Casino

Green Valley Ranch Resort Spa Casino

  • Cost: Starts at $356 per night for 2 adults
  • Address: 2300 Paseo Verde Pkwy., Henderson, NV
  • Amenities: Fitness center, Swimming Pool, Restaurant, Casino

Sunset Station Hotel & Casino

  • Cost: Starts at $296 per night for 2 adults
  • Address: 1301 W. Sunset Rd., Henderson, NV
  • Amenities: Outdoor Pool, Bowling Alley & Arcade, Movie Theatre, Casino, Restaurant

Budget Hotels

Budget Hotels

Board of welcome sign in Las Vegas, Nevada

Hilton Garden Inn Henderson

  • Cost: Starts at $125 per night for 2 adults
  • Address: 1340 W. Warm Springs Rd., Henderson, NV
  • Amenities: Restaurant, Outdoor Pool, Fitness Center

Comfort Inn & Suites Henderson – Las Vegas

  • Cost: Starts at $157 per night for 2 adults
  • Address: 475 Marks St, Henderson, NV 89014
  • Amenities: Restaurant, Outdoor Pool

Best Western Plus Henderson Hotel

  • Cost: Starts at $142 per night for 2 adults
  • Address: 1553 N Boulder Hwy, Henderson, NV 89011
  • Amenities: Outdoor Pool, Fitness Center

Getting Around Henderson, NV


 residence area at Henderson

Near Las Vegas, Henderson is a tranquil, laid-back community with lots to discover. Using public transportation is the ideal way for tourists to navigate the city. The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada’s public transit system offers bus service.

About fifty routes are operated by RTCSNV, many of which offer 24-hour service. For a detailed itinerary and ticket information, visitors can consult the website and plan their travel accordingly.

Public transportation in the city is a preferred choice for locals and tourists alike as it is secure, dependable, and practical.

The city uses more public or private transportation and doesn’t have many bike lanes or pathways. Visitors can still wander around some places where the attractions are close to one another, though.

Green Valley Ranch, Townsite, and Southfork are Henderson neighborhoods that are easiest to navigate on foot.

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Tips To Remember

Henderson (1)

housing development in Henderson

Immediately adjacent to the bright hues of Las Vegas is a city with a unique flavor that is equally lively and energetic.

Henderson is the place to be, especially if visitors are traveling with family, even though some people may overlook it amid the glittering lights of Las Vegas. When traveling to Henderson, there are a few things to bear in mind.

  • The city is essentially in the Nevada desert, and the heat can occasionally be oppressive. Therefore, it is crucial to organize the trip following the weather.
  • The peak months for tourists in Henderson are June through August. Thus hotels and other lodgings could be more expensive than typical. Therefore, those who want to travel during this time must make reservations months in advance.
  • Even while the city is generally safe, it’s always vital to remain on the lookout for small-time crimes especially if visitors are solo traveling as a woman.
  • Always have a nice pair of walking shoes. Even while some locations appear to be close on a map, they may actually be much farther away.
  • Last but not least, the city itself features many top-notch casinos in addition to being close to Las Vegas. When gambling, use caution and only spend what people can comfortably afford because it can have a large effect on the finances.

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Spend A Perfect Day In Henderson

Henderson waves bridge

A person walking on the Henderson waves bridge

Henderson’s strategic location makes it the ideal starting point for exploring Southern Nevada’s beautiful scenery and outdoor pursuits. The Cowabunga Water Park is a great place for visitors to start their day with their kids. Then see some wildlife at the Lion Habitat Ranch.

The communities of Green Valley Ranch and Whitney Ranch are open to exploration, and visitors can spend the evening dining in some of the best restaurants there. Another option is to spend the day bicycling around the River Mountains loop path or trekking Sloan Canyon for an adventurous day.

Finally, have dinner in one of the neighborhood’s fine restaurants.


Q: What is the best time to visit Henderson?

Traveling to Nevada seems to be best between March and April.

In Henderson, Nevada, July is the busiest travel month, followed by April and June. However, people can save if they make their reservations well in advance as these periods will have the most expensive hotel and airfare rates.

Q: What is Henderson known for?

One of the USA’s fastest-growing metropolitan cities is Henderson, Nevada, which serves as an entrance to Southern Nevada. There are numerous attractions in Henderson, including wildlife preserves and nature reserves in addition to museums that study local history—it’s a beautiful but often overlooked city in Nevada.

Henderson is brimming with amazing activities that will keep visitors of all ages thrilled, whether they are looking for a family-friendly activity or a unique date night option.

Q: What does Henderson have to offer?

Henderson has something for everyone. Visitors can go there to shop at distinctive boutiques, eat at exceptional restaurants, play in casinos, savor the local beer in bars, and take part in amazing special events.

Additionally, tourists can enjoy some adventurous fun via biking or hiking, even venturing outside Henderson to the least-visited state park in Nevada or Great Basin National Park for more natural adventures.