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The Unsung Food Scenes to Travel for Now

The Unsung Food Scenes to Travel for Now

The vineyards of South Downs make significantly praiseworthy wines. 

Jenny Zarins

South Downs, U.K.

Wine tourism is on the up in England’s bucolic South Downs, just north of Brighton. Listed here modest-scale vineyards are generating significantly highly regarded wines on the back of the area’s chalky soil and fantastic weather. Choose the significantly-beloved Wiston Estate, which gives vineyard safaris and new restaurant Chalk in a barn-like room. Nearby, The Pig in the South Downs provides the classic cozy-locavore Pig experience—except this cafe with rooms is ready to harvest 4,150 Chardonnay vines in the autumn. Further east, sparkling wine professionals Ridgeview (the Queen served Barack Obama its popular Fitzrovia Rosé) is in the system of opening a design and style-driven cuboid restaurant and tasting place amid lush gardens. 5 minutes down the highway, Artelium hired Dermot Sugrue, deemed by quite a few to be England’s best glowing wine maker. —Amber Dalton

KOKS at Ilimanaq Lodge in Greenland

Beinta á Torkilsheyggi

Monkfish with a Jerusalem artichoke product and elderberries in a beef broth at KOKS

Claes Bech-Poulsen


This glacial fantasyland has under no circumstances registered as a foodie incredibly hot location. But neither had the nearby Faroe Islands, until finally chef Poul Andrias Ziska took around the kitchen at KOKS, working with classic drying, fermenting, and smoking strategies to produce hyperlocal menus with dishes like razorbill Wellington and wild-fermented lamb. Now, with the unique restaurant closed, the crew is headed to Greenland for a residency at Ilimanaq Lodge, a sequence of oceanfront A-frames in a tiny fishing village reachable only by boat. Ziska is plotting formidable dishes highlighting the country’s one of a kind ingredients—think seal-blood tartlet and tenderized whale pores and skin. States Ziska, “If a catch is sustainable, and the animal is dealt with with regard, we will contemplate it.” —Toby Skinner

Pampanga Province, Philippines 

During occupation, the Spanish colonizers experienced the locals in this location just outdoors Manila as cooks. The craft has been handed down for generations, generating Pampanga a person of country’s most enjoyable and constant foodie scenes, renowned for dishes like morcon, (a braised meat roll), tocino (a sweet remedied pork), sisig (historically ready with minced pork deal with), and buro (fermented rice well prepared with sautéed shrimp). You can consider versions of these and extra in a combine of high-minimal spots in the course of the region’s unassuming towns of Angeles Town and San Fernando. Everybody’s Café and Ailing Lucing’s Sisig are just can’t-miss, no-frills joints, which you’ll want to make reservations in advance for. All foods must finish with regular sweets like turrunos de casoy, a crunchy wafer-like address geared up with cashew nuts, and the historian, Atching Lillian’s popular heirloom Pan de San Nicolas cookies. —Maryam Jilani

Valley of the Vineyards, Brazil

Settled by Italian immigrants who brought their vinicultural chops to the rolling fields of the Serra Gaúcha location, southern Brazil’s Valley of the Vineyards is a ramble of vines and greenery that feels a earth absent from the deserts and jungles to the north. Its glowing whites and earthy reds have been quietly gaining traction, with labels from locations like Casa Valduga more and more landing on leading São Paulo wine lists. Halt in at the terra-cotta-roofed tasting area at Miolo to sip their fragile Pinot Noirs, or head down the valley’s winding highway for a rare Merlot, courtesy of Marco Luigi. —Jamie Ditaranto


Extensive famous for its rain forests and reefs, Belize is obtaining cred for sustainable food items experiences that showcase its numerous cultures. On a tour of beach city Placencia, area firm Taste Belize may offer company a creamy seaweed smoothie, a consume connected to innovative farming initiatives, whilst accommodations like Ka’ana Resort are partnering with Maya women of all ages cooks to give classic cooking lessons around a hearth fireplace. Also, it can be good to know that in 2020 Belize outlawed violent gill-web fishing, which suggests that the capture of the working day cooked into chef Jennie Staines’s yellow curry at Elvi’s Kitchen in San Pedro is usually from trusted fisherfolk making use of sustainable methods. —Julia Eskins

Crispy pork with Mangda paste at 80/20 Restaurant

80/20 Cafe

80/20’s Chef Andrew Martin

80/20 Cafe

Talad Noi, Bangkok

The pandemic may perhaps have cooled Bangkok’s best foodie neighborhoods, but this district straddling the Chao Phraya River is scorching yet again. Talad Noi has been racking up culinary cred due to the fact the mid-2010s, with the arrival of spots like locavore trailblazer 80/20 and nose-to-tail-touting 100 Mahaseth, but its second wave has eventually rolled in. At Aksorn, Nahm veteran David Thompson’s tasting menus are influenced by midcentury recipes, whilst at newcomer Tiny Meal Club, Thai-born Sareen Rojanamatin pairs community substances with novel techniques—think frozen tom yum and dry-aged Muscovy duck with banana. Even cocktails have had an epicurean update: At Mahaniyom Cocktail Bar, they come loaded with dried squid and espresso cherry husks from up north. —Chris Schalkx