June 17, 2024

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Women Who Travel Podcast: Sophia Roe on Mushrooms, Growing Your Own Food, and Filming ‘Counter Space’ Around the Globe

Women Who Travel Podcast: Sophia Roe on Mushrooms, Growing Your Own Food, and Filming ‘Counter Space’ Around the Globe

So right before you know it, you have cultural erasure by proxy of productivity. That’s how I sense about it. It is really like let us just totally eradicate an full generation’s means to know how to feed on their own.

LA: You know, you were being a chef and cook. And now, you’re Tv set host of this foodstuff and journey show. What has that finding out course of action been like for you and getting a host?

SR: Super fun. You know, I seriously really feel like it was intended to be doing this occupation. And I feel that some folks may possibly experience like weird about expressing that or, you know, I f- actually come to feel like I was intended to be on television. Um, I never ever truly feel much more relaxed than when you can find a digicam close to.

I just love a digital camera lens. Uh, you know, it can be… it just won’t say everything again to you, suitable? It really catches you. It really is genuinely uncooked, proper? It is really not acting, ideal? I’m… That’s really me. I am seriously in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean interviewing a fisherman. 1 of my most loved interviews was with this incredible fisherman, Bren Smith. His love for the planet, his really like for the ocean is just definitely so inspiring. And he kind of stumbled into from being a fisherman into kelp farming. So we decided to say, “Bren, like can you display us your kelp farm?” And he did. [laughs]

And so, we were basically in the middle of the ocean. And just to see and working experience the ecological diversity by this extraordinary vertical farm, I imply, it just… I am, I am so shocked. I’m freezing cold.

Bren Smith: We’re in the Thimble Island in Branford, Connecticut. We’re gonna operate out to my farm.

SR: And your farm is in the h2o.

BS: Yeah. It really is beneath the water. So this utilized to be like the outstanding fishing local community, lobster shacks, oyster, uh, shacks, like shacking properties at the finish of the dock all gone. It is so vital like in this new air local climate modify, how do you imagine culturally?

SR: What’s the point of residing right here, correct?

BS: Yeah.

SR: If there is certainly no income, then people today transfer. And so, then it truly is just the… that those destinations get thoroughly deserted.

BR: Right here it is. This is 10 acres quarter million kilos of kelp 200,000 oysters, uh, a couple hundred thousand of, of mussels, all in this 10 acres. We acquired a strains horizontally, uh, just down below the area. So it truly is like a rope scaffolding process.

SR: Right.

BS: Our kelp is soaking up, uh, five occasions more carbon than land-based mostly plants. I indicate it is the Sequoia of the sea. We are developing synthetic reefs. So the finest fishing in the place is about the farm because there’s just so much likely on. Duck, seals, all people congregates below. It really is also replicable. So if you have 20,000 bucks and a boat and a lease, you can get started your possess farms.

SR: It like eradicates the land acquisition dilemma.